VMAX Pokemon Cards: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Updated by Sydney Bollinger

‘90s nostalgia is everywhere right now. There are bucket hats, a new Barbie movie, and Pokemon is seeing a clear resurgence in the public zeitgeist. With the recent releases of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet on Nintendo Switch, our favorite Pokemon are everywhere, including retro physical media. Another piece of this ‘90s nostalgia is that physical media is back. People are now collecting cassette tapes, CDs, mini-discs, and even trading cards. VMAX Pokemon cards, in particular, are in high demand for anyone looking to collect cards or play the game.

What are VMAX Pokemon cards?

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Originally introduced in the 2020 Sword and Shield series of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, VMAX Pokemon cards feature a powerful and evolved version of a particular Pokemon. According to our friends at Geek Crate, VMAX Pokemon cards have a higher attack power, more hit points, and unique abilities compared to regular Pokemon.

“They are also visually striking, with a distinct graphic design featuring the term ‘VMAX’ and unique artwork that highlights the Pokemon’s power and abilities," shared Geek Crate.

The artwork on these unique cards depicts your favorite Pokemon as being very large in comparison to their size on other cards — and many of the cards show Pikachu and his friends having fun in everyday life.

To identify a VMAX card, look for that special graphic design that features the term “VMAX.” If you see that, you know you have an official VMAX card.

Because VMAX cards are rare and difficult to obtain, they have more collectability and a higher value than other Pokemon cards, which makes VMAX cards popular for both card collectors and players of the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

How do you play with VMAX Pokemon cards?

Anybody interested in the Pokemon Trading Card Game can add VMAX cards to their deck just like any other Pokemon card, but since they do have special characteristics they are especially good additions to your deck.

Like we said earlier, VMAX Pokemon cards normally have higher hit points and stronger attacks than other Pokemon cards, so your opponents will have a harder time defeating you. These cards also have unique abilities that can change the trajectory of your game.

“For example, a VMAX card may have an ability that allows you to search your deck for a particular card, giving you more control over the cards in your hand and the actions you can take during the game,” said Geek Crate.

These cards may also have attacks that deal large amounts of damage to your opponent’s Pokemon, which can easily turn the tide of the game in your favor.

In an article for Cardlines.com , Jonah Foster shares that a popular strategy for VMAX cards is using them as a “boss” that your opponent must defeat. Since they are so powerful, this is usually an excellent strategy.

How do you obtain VMAX Pokemon Cards?

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Like any collector item, people interested in VMAX Pokemon cards should keep an eye out on online retailers and resellers, as well as thrift shops, comic book stores, and other specialty retail shops that carry trading cards.

When looking to add VMAX cards to your collection, you’ll want to focus on purchasing sets that are known to feature VMAX cards, such as Premier Trading Cards Rare Crate , as this will increase your chance of obtaining one of these cards.

Ready to hit the store? Before you purchase from anywhere (like the places listed above), you will need to check the credibility of the seller. Counterfeit cards are out there and you don’t want to accidentally purchase one.

Know that these cards can be very expensive, which may seem surprising if you’re a newbie to the game. VMAX cards are already rare, but some cards feature rainbow versions of Pokemon and alternative artwork, which can drive the price up even more.

Some of the rarest cards, like the Umbreon VMAX Alternate Art card, are being sold on eBay for over $2000 — and it’s not uncommon to see listings for over $3000!

Overall, though, discovering new cards and building your collection should be fun. Remember to never lose sight of that by getting too caught up in the value of your cards.

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