Behind the Box: Work • Space • Spark

Updated by Heather Lefebvre

Welcome to Behind the Box, our interview series to introduce you to exciting sellers on the Cratejoy Marketplace! Each of these small businesses has a unique, important story to tell, and we’re eager to help spread the word.

This month, we’re shining a light on Black entrepreneurs, creators, and sellers in the Cratejoy community, each with their own important stories and passions. Today, we sat down with Dorethia, the founder of Work • Space • Spark , a subscription box perfect for boosting your productivity (and making your desk prettier, too). Learn more about what inspired Dorethia to launch Work • Space • Spark below.


Tell us your story! What inspired you to launch your box?

The idea for Work • Space • Spark was an ah-ha moment I had when I realized the disconnect many in the working world had in understanding how their personal brand was directly related to their career growth. Their personal brand being how they “show up” for work and what their workspace says about them.

See, I taught a lot of career and money sessions to corporate and civic groups. I could tell by the questions and statements [they made] that there was a gap, but there wasn’t anyone to help them with the “real” [stuff] of how to succeed in their corporate environments. Many didn’t have a mentor or sponsor at their organizations to help them understand the unwritten rules and master them.

I knew from my own experience that many people did not equate productivity, effectiveness, or personal brand with their workspace either.

I was fortunate enough to have people help me along the way in my career and I wanted to offer something fun and functional. So welcome to Work • Space • Spark!

It sounds like you're an expert in your field. Tell us more.

Yes, as a personal finance and business coach, I ended up working with people and speaking on careers and money as well... I saw a gap in the market for working professional men and women and wanted to create something for them to grow in their careers.

What makes Work • Space • Spark unique?

I have a unique insider view, as someone who has built a career as an experienced corporate leader on top of speaking and studying money and careers. There are some things you will never find in books and can only understand as someone who has been immersed in that world. This allows me to provide career-growth resources that people really want, in addition to understanding the decor needs of those who are working remotely or in the office.

Did the events of 2020 have an impact on your business?

Yes –– I had planned to market my box to those who work from home, but I thought it would be 40%. That ended up being 100%. I also had people cancel because they lost their jobs. We reached out to let them know we were here for them and offered assistance with resume reviews and career advice.

Anything else you’d like readers to know?

I really believe in people living their best lives. Your career shouldn't be something you settle for in exchange for the lifestyle you want.

Learn more about Work • Space • Spark here!