The Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes for Solo & Couple Pleasure

If you’re anything like the rest of us, a trip to the sex shop or a scroll down a spicy site can leave your head spinning. So. Many. Choices. Sex toy subscription boxes offer a way out of decision fatigue. The fantasy box will arrive discreetly on your doorstep each month bearing sexy, high-quality products that are dedicated to the big oh! What could be more exciting than that? And, it doesn’t matter what your situation is, adult subscription boxes are curated to bring seductive pleasure for all types of singles, couples, and desires. It's time to live your best sex life.

(Also, this should go without saying, but this post is NSFW. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!)


Ultimate Adult Boxes For Couples And Singles| Bi-Monthly.

From $43.50 per box
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Guaranteeing both your satisfaction and your stimulation, Seductive Pleasure is a solo or couple’s box that delivers full-size dildos, vibrators and other toys that are perfect for a little sexual self-care.

“I purchased this box to step outside of my comfort zone and have not been disappointed. The products are wonderful I get my toys and the best part I don't even have to go to an adult store. I am expecting another package here soon and I can't wait to see what I get.” -Ashley T., May 2022


Mystery Pleasure Box™ Sex Toy Subscription Box

From $34.99 per box
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Mystery Pleasure Box is a subscription service that caters to same-sex or opposite-sex couples, and adventure seekers of all stripes. High-quality sex toys, lubricants and lotions are handpicked by industry experts, giving you the chance to explore a variety of new bedroom accessories.

“Always look forward to getting these boxes. Definitely worth the price.” -Melanie B., April 2022


The Queen Box (FREE global untracked shipping)

From $33.33 per box
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Empress Mimi knows how to make any woman feel like royalty. Each monthly box sends lifestyle products, lingerie and luxe sleepwear made of slinky, silky fabrics that offer a flattering, form-hugging fit for women of all sizes.

“Pleasantly surprised how quickly my first box arrived! The quality and unique design of the items are amazing, I cannot wait for next month’s goodies - nor can my man ;)” -Nora G., November 2020



From $65.00 per box
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The XPLORE Box features brands that have been meticulously researched and trialed by the team to bring you the best of the best. Lower those inhibitions and discover new erotic companies, tastemakers, and some of the hottest sex-positive toys on the market.

“I finally received my box today. Very satisfied! Make sure you check out the little guide. LOVE the drawing.” -Lisa C., December 2020


Adult SEX Box | Custom Curated Subscription Boxes for Adult

From $52.67 per box
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Whether you're looking to change up your solo routine or spice up your relationship, the Adult Sex Box curates a mix of adult products that can take you from foreplay to a sensational finish. No matter your sexual preferences or kinks, each box comes customized to your unique tastes.

“decent selection, makes for a great evening... In fact we have discovered some really fun ways to "play" since our first box. We are looking forward to our new toy box every month... eye opening” -Joel A., April 2022


Kink Crate

From $54.17 per box
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Turn your bedroom into the pleasure parlor with Kink Crate! Curated for both novices and those with experience, this spicy subscription offers an assortment of kinky full-sized sex toys and an informative handbook filled with instructions and tips to keep things fun and safe.

“Excellent boxes. Started at the beginning of the year and can hardly wait each month for the crates. The quality is great on what is sent and I absolutely love the themes and stickers. It lets us to explore things we wouldn't buy ourselves. Thank you for the amazing crates can't wait until next month!” -Michael L., May 2021


Bi-Monthly Solo Selfcare Box

From $28.00 per box
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Keep date nights fresh and fun with LoveDrop, a bi-monthly subscription box that’s curated with both partners in mind, bringing steamy toys, lube and sexy games that enhance intimacy. And, thanks to discreet packaging, no one will know what goes on behind closed doors!

“We are pretty vanilla so this helps us explore without stepping out of the comfort of our own home. Some things are one time use but the majority are reusable. It’s always interesting to see what comes next lol” -Ashley K., November 2021


Surprise Honey! Not Yet Rated

From $39.99 per box
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Instead of just announcing your presence, as in, "Honey, I'm home!", get dressed to excite with Surprise Honey! Sex toys and sexual wellness accessories will help you act out your fantasies and bring excitement to the bedroom.

“I love what I received! Super sexy, nice quality and it all fits perfectly. I cannot wait for my next box!!!” -Angela K., July 2021


SkivvieNIX Box

From $17.00 per box
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In the bedroom, there's no need to keep it G-rated, unless that's how you like it. With Skivvie Nix, you (or your partner) will get brand-spankin’-new pairs of high-quality panties to match personal style preferences.

“Wife loves them! They look great on her too. The tenderloin pack was perfect for her. Did a 6 month package first, now we will do a full year! Great company, great product!” -Stephen A., April 2021