The Best Hippie & Boho Subscription Boxes: Our Groovy Gift Guide

What is being a hippie all about? Well, there is no one way to be a hippie! To some it's about tapping into creative energy and embodying an eclectic, gypsy-soul vibe, while for others it's sparking up a blunt and communing with nature. Here on the Cratejoy marketplace, we welcome free thinkers of every variety, and we've got monthly subscription boxes that jive with unique hippie sensibility, in all its colorful variations.

So, thinking about the best subscription boxes for hippies, we've come across everything from consciousness-elevating crystals and enlightened moon rituals to vegan apothecary body care goodies, invigorating aromatherapy and a steady supply of rolling papers. Celebrate being a nonconformist trendsetter by indulging in one-of-a-kind products that are perfect for modern-day hippies and lovers of all things boho!

What are the best hippie subscription boxes?


Rose & Plume Divinity Collection

From $35.00 per box
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Rose & Plume is a monthly box that encourages self-love and spirituality by helping to create a sacred space to take any spiritual practice to a whole new level. Bringing a curated collection of items, unbox an assortment of cleansing smudge sticks, crystal-infused soaking salts and organic whole-herb teas, along with crystals and pendulums, beautiful jewelry, home decor and altar enhancements.


The Stoney Babe Box

From $33.00 per box
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For hippie chicks who enjoy to relax with a little herbal refreshment, The Stoney Babe Box is a weed subscription that'll make sure you have all the necessary smoking accessories on hand for whenever the mood strikes. Each monthly mystery box brings cute, colorful cannabis-themed accessories that are sourced from small, women-owned businesses, including artisan-made goodies, like grinders, rolling trays, stickers and more.



From $49.99 per box
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Even if hippies are exposed to more CBD products than others, just like everyone else, it's hard to find the products that work best for you without breaking the bank. Hemp Crate Co's Hempa the Explorer discovery box offers the chance to try out different products and brands at an affordable price point. Find the oils, sprays, tinctures and gummies to deal with everything from anxiety to skincare and sleep struggles.


The Initiate

From $27.25 per box
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Tune into the natural rhythms of the universe with a monthly subscription from the Box of Shadows. The Initiate is designed for those who are new to seeking spiritual guidance, delivering introductory books, spells and basic rituals, along with essential supplies, altar decor, energetic crystals and jewelry. It's a great opportunity to start on the path towards self discovery, and learn sage wisdom from those with experience.



From $22.66 per box
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For some, being a hippie and being spiritual are one and the same. If you're wanting to connect with yourself and the universe on a deeper level, the Awakening Box can make it happen. Box reviews from this much-loved subscription say it's filled with divinely smelling smudge sticks and ritual soaps, powerful crystals, beautiful jewelry and so much more. It's your one-stop shop for empowering spiritual goodies.


Goddess Provisions Subscription Box

From $27.75 per box
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What's Included: With over a thousand happy subscribers, join the tribe of spiritual women enjoying each monthly box from Goddess Provisions. Every box delivers great value at a fantastic price, bringing 5-7 full-size items, including an assortment of top-quality vegan handmade apothecary body and skincare items, plus a selection of invigorating crystals, calming and energizing essential oils, candles, accessories and spiritual tools.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. by the 20th of every month


Crystal Variety Box

From $39.00 per box
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Learn the art of working with a variety of crystals with a monthly subscription to the Crystal Variety Box. The enthusiasts behind Enchanted Crystal curate a mix of 4-6 different gems, pack them in eco-friendly materials, and send them along with all the details you need to start setting intentions and get them working for you. Every box also includes a handcrafted cloth grid to help you learn the ins and outs of sacred geometry.


Themed Spiritual Medicine Bundle

From $19.00 per box
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What's Included: Lovingly crafted by a longtime clairvoyant, intuit and medicine bag maker, Una Spirit Bags is a monthly box subscription that's available in 2 unique levels. Opt to get a handcrafted leather pouch + 1 healing crystal, or the Themed Medicine Bundle that includes the pouch + crystal, along with 1 protective amulet and 1 other spiritual tool, like eco-friendly apothecary items or altar pieces.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 5th of the month


Tamed Wild Box

From $20.00 per box
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DIY-loving hippies can join a masters club for all things magic and earth medicine when they get a monthly subscription to Tamed Wild Box. Following the energy of the lunar cycle, each box brings an intentional mix of spiritual goodies and apothecary items that are steeped in history and wisdom. Enjoy self care with a spiritual twist with natural body products, crystals, teas, and enchanting spells and rituals.


Chakra Box - A Self Care Guided Journey For Mind, Body & Spirit

From $39.00 per box
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Like a chakra connoisseur, the Chakra Box will take you step-by-step though a journey that aligns mind, body and soul. Beginning at Earth Star, this 9-month progressive subscription takes a methodical approach to restoring harmony within your 7 chakras, and works all the way through to Ascension. Use spiritual tools like crystals, herbal teas, smudge, meditation music, malas and more to tune in to each specific chakra.


Box of Witchcraft

From $20.00 per box
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At just 20 USD a month, Sacred Iseum is a budget-friendly box that challenges you to become more. Each box focuses on a particular theme, sending you on a deep dive into the different natural cycles of the universe. Prepare for a fun unboxing experience filled with handcrafted magical items and high-quality spiritual tools, including candles, oils, rituals, spells and herbs.


Mindful Box by Mindful Souls

From $39.97 per box
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One of the things that sets hippies apart is their willingness to keep an open mind and search for truth, no matter what path it leads them down. The Mindful Box by Mindful Souls will send you on a journey of self discovery through healing energy work. Whether you're uncovering how crystals or aromatherapy restore your energetic balance, or you're learning the power of intentions, this box brings all the tools you'll need along the way.


The Witches Roots™ by The Witches Moon®

From $24.00 per box
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Natural herbal witchcraft is made accessible to the masses with The Witches Roots. This unique monthly subscription box from The Witches Moon focuses on everything from lunar magick to the power of rituals, and is designed and curated specifically for authentic witches. Every month showcases an area of witchcraft, sending an assortment of magickal items, along with exclusive spells from the personal Book of Shadows.