The Best Crystal Subscription Boxes for Healing Gifts

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Crystals have long been used to forge a stronger connection between mind and body. Using them in everything from jewelry and amulets to statues and spiritual ceremonies, ancient civilizations from the Incans to the Mughals have attempted to tap into the healing vibrations of crystals. Cratejoy has a plethora of crystal subscription boxes to gift and receive. 

Why are Crystals so Important?

Although crystals may seem very “on trend” right now, the spiritual and healing possibilities of crystals and gemstones have been speculated around the globe for centuries, if not millennia. Many crystals are technically hard forms that were created from the solidification of a chemical or organic element; many, like quartz, are found in rocks, while others, such as coral and amber, are formed from different naturally occurring materials.

Although no one is exactly sure what creates the powerful energy that various crystals emit, those who use them swear that they can benefit you in a myriad of mental and physical ways. From boosting low energy to transforming your body’s aura, crystals can help you unlock parts of yourself that may have been inaccessible otherwise.

The Most Important Crystals to Keep Around

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

One of the most popular crystals today, rose quartz is a crystal that is deeply associated with both love and harmony. Also referred to as Hyaline Quartz, this pink mineral is attached to the heart and throat chakras. Although rose quartz is known to be linked to all sorts of romantic feelings, it also emboldens all types of love: It’s known to assist with family communication and to encourage self-care in your own home.



This purple gemstone is visually distinctive as it appears as long, sharp crystals that are formed in hollow cavities inside volcanic rock. A member of the quartz family, this beloved crystal is connected to the third eye and crown chakras. Representing a tie to all things spiritual, amethyst is often said to protect against negative presences in our lives.

Black Onyx

black onyx

Although onyx gemstones can come in a variety of colors, the one you’re most likely to encounter is a deep shade of black. A potent symbol of protection, onyx is likely to increase your focus, emotional strength, and will help drive motivation to help you meet your goals.

Benefits of Crystal Subscription Boxes

Helpful for facilitating the flow of energy in the body, stabilizing mood, offering mental clarity, and centering the mind and spirit with your intentions, monthly crystal subscription boxes pack in powerful healing crystals and an assortment of spiritual tools. Walk your own path toward balanced vibes and happiness with a little help from some of the best monthly crystal boxes out there.

Crystal Variety Box

Crystal Variety Box

From $39.00 per box
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Whether it's an amethyst wand or a crystal cluster, the Crystal Variety Box is here to support your spiritual self-care and personal growth. Dive into a world of cosmic energy every month with a mix of handpicked crystals and a handcrafted cloth grid to help boost your energy through sacred geometry. Plus, they're all packaged in eco-friendly materials that are kind to Mother Earth!

Shipping: New subscriber's first box ships within 5 business days. Our crystals and minerals are natural, as the earth created them. This means our inventory is limited and ever-changing. We may use polished or shaped natural crystals to add to your enchantment. Boxes are custom-made every month, and not all subscribers will receive the same selections. ❤️

"This was a birthday gift from my daughter. Beautiful quality crystals, good sized. It was such fun opening each individually wrapped crystal!"

Just Rocks  Crystal Subscription

Just Rocks Crystal Subscription

From $11.08 per box
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Great for newbies who are looking to incorporate charged crystals into their practice, Crystal Path provides both high-quality stones and plenty of guidance on how best to use them. Grab the Just Rocks gift box for 2 intuitively selected mystery crystals charged with healing and balancing Reiki energy.

Shipping: All new orders are mailed within 2-3 business days. After that, Your subscription box will ship by the 15th of every month. Gift orders with specific dates can be arranged and I gladly include your message with gift subscriptions. Every order is packaged with love.

“This is an amazing subscription. I love that it's a small one. It's let's the recipients get to know and learn all about their new stones/crystals. Highly recommend. 5* all around from me.” – Heather H.

Magickal Earth - Basic Crystal Only New

Magickal Earth - Basic Crystal Only New

From $13.41 per box
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With crystals, astrology and tarot, each box from Magickal Earth is curated to match the energy of the coming month. Help them get in touch with their own unique brand of spirituality with 4 subscription levels that bring an assortment of New Age provisions like reinvigorating crystals, astrological overviews, practical magic, and a tarot card drawn just for them.

Shipping: We ship on or around the 10th of every month, Our goal is that you receive the box by the 20th - 23rd of every month. As we follow the Astrological calendar. Note: International orders can not be guaranteed arrival at this time.

“I absolutely LOVE this box. It is my fav thing to receive every month, I am always impressed by it and I have used and loved every crystal I have been gifted. Thank you so much!” - Reba G.

Goddess Provisions Subscription Box

Goddess Provisions Subscription Box

From $33.00 per box
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As one of the best sellers, Goddess Provisions Box has all the magical goodies curated for every type of spiritual goddess and divine modern witch. Each box includes a mix of 100% vegan and cruelty-free items, crystals, aromatherapy, beauty products, snacks, and unique tools that spark spiritual wellness and personal growth. Help her create a sacred space with cool decor and divination tools to energize and rejuvenate her spirit. With each monthly subscription box, she'll explore new astrological, spiritual, and cosmic themes!

Shipping: Order between the 1st and the 17th of the month and your box will ship by the week of the 20th. All subsequent subscriptions will ship by the week of the 20th the following month.

“I've been a subscriber for the last 5 boxes and each one has been amazing and filled with goodies such as candles, jewelry, vegan candy, essential oil sprays and beautiful crystals. The box value always exceeds the subscription price each month. I definitely recommend!” - Brittany T

Mindful Box by Mindful Souls

Mindful Box by Mindful Souls

From $39.97 per box
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Looking for a self-care box that will take them deeper into healing energy work? The Mindful Box by Mindful Souls helps them discover how everything from crystal work and aromatherapy, to affirmations and sacred jewelry can enhance their health and well-being. Simplifying spirituality and making it accessible for everyone, each monthly box will help them get acquainted to an array of spiritual tools and explore their innermost self.

Shipping: Free shipping to USA First Mindful Box will be shipped immediately and will be delivered within the next 2-5 days. All the following boxes will be sent on the 7th of each month!

“I'm in love with these boxes. I'm on my fourth month. April did NOT disappoint🥰. As always quality items. I get so excited each month to see my gifts. Best membership ever! Inspiring and beautiful. I highly recommend to give this a try. It wont disappoint.” - Shannon D.

Gemstone of the Month

Gemstone of the Month

From $6.41 per box
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The Crystal Gemstone Shop is here to help you charge crystals during each full moon with 2 fun monthly options. Choose one handpicked crystal each month, gemstone jewelry, or a small sampling of high-quality crystals and gemstones, complete with an info sheet outlining every stone's specific properties and uses.

Shipping: We ship within the first two weeks of each month! You must sign up before the 1st of the month to receive the current month's offering, otherwise it will ship the following month

“You can feel real thought goes into the packaging as well as the product. Another membership I had came with so much unnecessary waste. Everything I have received is beautiful and of true quality. I especially enjoy the beautiful cloth that comes with. I look forward to each month.” - Melissa C.


Our Crystal subscription boxes are the perfect gift for you or a loved one.