The Best Sagittarius-Inspired Subscription Boxes That Make Great Gifts

Freedom lovers, truth seekers, and adventurers, the ninth sign of the zodiac are the friendly Sagittarians who celebrate their birthdays between November 22 - December 21. Ruling over the transition from autumn to winter, Sagittarius is known for being highly adaptable and welcoming change. They are the bow- and arrow-wielding centaur, which gives them both a clever intellect and an untamed, primal instinct.

How do their best friends and partners view the star sign? Well, they love that Sagittarius brings a healthy dose of energy and friendly companionship to the table, but they also know that restless wandering is par for the course.

So, what would be the perfect zodiac birthday gift––or holiday gift––for those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign? More of a gift giver than receiver, skip the gift cards and get your Sagittarius the perfect gift box that will focus on what makes them tick––a quest for knowledge and an insatiable wanderlust. We've put together a fun gift box guide featuring some of our best-sellers that will make great presents for your favorite big-picture-thinking fire sign. Read on for perfect horoscope gift ideas your special Sag will love!

What are best subscriptions for a Sagittarius?


Earspiration of the Month

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Those born under the Sagittarius astrological sign are naturally drawn to their birthstone, but they won't shy away from switching things up and are sure to be drawn to the subtle creations from Earspiration of the Month. Merging stylish studs with the power of positivity, this zodiac gift box brings a pair of 14k gold-finished earrings designed by Nina Berenato, along with a challenge card and positive affirmations.


Ohana Jewelry Club - Beach Subscription Box

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When the horoscope reads, "Recently you've been feeling bored," Sagittarians are likely to agree and take it as a sign to hit the road. Send these adventurous, nature-loving spirits a gift box that brings the serenity of a seaside vacay with the Ohana Jewelry Club. Send your favorite Sagittarius necklaces and earrings made from high-quality metals that capture those beachin' vibes, plus fun extras that are perfect for surf and sand.


The Adults & Crafts Crate

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Whether it's woodworking, painting, or mandala-making, The Adults & Crafts Crate makes the perfect gift for Sags always interested in learning a new skill. Designed to be an all-inclusive craft kit with materials, tools, and easy-to-follow instructions, they'll get all they need to create a fun, Etsy-worthy DIY project like a wooden wine caddy, engraved coasters, or a colorful geometric clock.


Explore Local Box Monthly

From $45.00 per box
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Queens of living in the moment and always at the ready for an adventure, the pandemic may have thrown your favorite Sagittarius into a tailspin. Help them indulge their wanderlust right from home with the Explore Local Box, a great way to roam, while supporting some of the country's best small businesses. Each month's box highlights a new U.S. city and comes filled with popular or artisanal treats that are local to the featured region.


Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club

From $58.25 per box
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Want to know a hallmark of the zodiac's fire signs? All three––Sagittarius, Leo and Aries––are up for a good time! Send a unique gift that is perfect for their partying ways with Shaker & Spoon. Finally, they can become a master mixologist wherever they are, with a monthly gift box that features 3 craft cocktail recipes and all the mixers, syrups, and garnishes needed to serve them up. Let's raise our glasses and drink to that!


Celebrate States!

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Lastly, one of the best gifts for those born beneath the Sagittarius constellation is Celebrate States, a monthly box that allows for cross-country exploration from the comforts of home! Ideal for whenever they get bit by the travel bug, each month features a different state and sends local small-batch treats and artisanal goods. To appeal to their unwavering intellect, they'll get a map, interactive info, and fun facts about their destination.