Rejuvenate with These 12 Menopause Subscription Boxes

Hot flashes, changing hormones and more can wreck havoc on your body during menopause. Wouldn't it be nice to have helpful products that can sooth the symptoms during this challenging time in your life?

Good news! We've got 12 menopause subscription boxes at your fingertips! When you’re just trying to keep calm, cool and collected so you can deal with life’s changes as they come, treat yourself to some of the best self-care subscriptions for women over 50. The natural hormonal changes that come with aging don’t have to be a constant struggle anymore when you unpack the relaxation and wellness contained in these 12 menopause subscription boxes.


Rose War Panty Power

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What You’ll Get: One of the best gift ideas for women over 50 is the Rose War Panty Power subscription. Send some monthly love and support to help them get through the rollercoaster of changing hormones. Packed with 14 organic menstrual pads or tampons, a pair of panties, 1-3 treats and 3-5 lifestyle items, it is the ultimate care package! And don't worry, it's customizable for age groups!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 26th-3rd of each month