The Best Cooking Subscription Boxes for Chefs, Newbies, and Foodies in Between

Learning how to cook or bake can be equal parts challenging and exciting. You put in effort gathering up all the necessary ingredients, measuring, mixing and trying to get it just so. But any home chef or baker knows that new dishes can be hit-or-miss, making monthly meal delivery services and cooking subscription boxes a great way to explore new recipes, get expert guidance, and wade into home cooking pinch by pinch.

What are the most popular cooking subscription boxes?


Hardcover Cook

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Whether you're into Paleo recipes or mid-morning smoothies, domestic gods and goddesses who love to cook will impatiently wait for their monthly delivery from Hardcover Cook. This monthly box aims to expand your culinary horizons and cookbook collection at the same time, bringing a recently released cookbook, along with 6 or more high-quality, specialty pantry items!


Global Kitchen Inspiration Box

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A meal subscription of a different sort, the Roaming Radish Box is perfect for foodies and home cooks who want to be inspired by taste sensations from around the world. Each month introduces a new country through the foods they eat, taking you to the Philippines for chicken adobo or Morocco for delicious tagine. Unbox beautifully photographed recipe cards, pantry staples and spices, and get cooking!


The Ultimate BBQ Experience

From $32.99 per box
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Calling all carnivores, pitmasters and grill enthusiasts! It's time to fire up that grill and bring barbecue to life with a little help from the Grill Masters Club. Now you can take your grilling game to the next level with a curated box of goodies that have all been tried and tested by the pros. Unpack an assortment of handpicked spice rubs, smoking chips, sauces, marinades and more, along with an online community filled with tips, tricks and recipes.


eat2explore explorer subscription box - a family educational food & culture box

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What do you get when you combine global cuisine with cultural education? You get the chance to diversify that kid-friendly meal plan, while teaching kids all about how others are eating. Whether you're chowing down on Mexican tacos or Singaporean chicken satay, eat2explore takes your kiddos to 17 different countries. Grab that passport, cook with essential spices and hard-to-find ingredients, eat and learn!


Wanderlust Select Duo * Culinary Spice Kits

From $9.90 per box
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Skip the takeout and opt for big, bold flavors in a tiny package with a monthly subscription to SpiceBreeze. Offering the perfect opportunity to journey into the wide world of good food, unbox an assortment of freshly ground herbs, spice mixes and simple recipes to prepare between 2-4 authentic global entrees from different countries around the globe, like Israeli shakshuka, African tomato stew, and Korean bibimbap.


Piquant Post Flavor Kits

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It's no secret that flavorful healthy recipes require high-quality, freshly-ground spices. Piquant Post Flavor Kits is the perfect way to nudge yourself out of your cooking comfort zone, and create exciting and delicious meals. Each box delivers 4 spice mixes and 4 chef-developed recipe cards inspired by different cultural cuisines. Making everything from Vietnamese pho to Indian tandoori chicken is easier than ever!


Spice Madam Monthly Subscription

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Adventurous diners and travel lovers alike will love the immersive experience packed into each monthly box from Spice Madam. Subscribers are in for more than just amazing flavors from around the globe, because in addition to the highest quality, gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly spices and seeds, each box brings recipe cards to create flavorful dishes and a curated music playlist to bring the culture to life.


EatTiamo - Italian Food Box

From $89.00 per box
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Learn to appreciate, prepare and savor the authentic and delicious flavors of Italian cooking with a monthly subscription to EatTiamo. Every meal kit brings a variety of full-size gourmet food items that showcase regional Italian cuisine, from Tuscany to Sicily, including high-end pastas, traditional sauces, spreads and simple recipes to cook up a family-style meal to serve 4 diners.


Travel the world from home & support small businesses

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Something new in the world of cooking subscription boxes is Trove, a unique box that brings you in on the action with live online experiences. The brainchild of a pair of best friends and travel enthusiasts, cultural traditions from cities around the world come to life with a mix of snacks, ingredients and a live cooking class and cultural activity. Support local chefs, artisans, and small businesses, while exploring the world from your kitchen.