10 Subscription Boxes to Get Your Virtual Game On

While it's true that the coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we live, go to school, work, and socialize, we haven't lost the ability to get creative and carry on living our best lives. One golden opportunity to stay connected with friends, family or significant others through this period of social distancing is to start a virtual game night tradition!

Countless video chat applications, like Zoom, Google Hangouts and FaceTime, are making it easier than ever to pick up your smartphone, make a video call and let the games begin! With COVID-19 looming large, technology and board games can join forces to bring us some fun-filled friendly competition.

Spending quality time with family and friends doesn't have to be in person. Whether you prefer to play online games, tabletop RPGs, or you're a fan of classic board games, like Pictionary and Monopoly, where there's a will, there's a way! We've rounded up 10 monthly subscription boxes that can help you create the ultimate virtual game night.

1. Finders Seekers Mysteries


Price: Starts at $25.00/month

What’s Included: Bringing between 2-4 hours of gameplay fun, Finders Seekers Mysteries offers a one-of-a-kind game night experience by immersing players into a new city and culture where they will encounter a mystery that's waiting to be solved. Give everyone a heads up on when to patch in, and create a virtual house party where the whole gang will put their code-breaking and puzzle-solving skills to the test!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 23rd of every month

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2. UnboxBoardom


Price: Starts at $29.99/month

What’s Included: Including everything from strategic board games, tabletop card games and fun party games, UnboxBoardom is a monthly subscription that's ideal for game-lovers of all persuasions. Select the shipping frequency that works best, choose your favorite game from 3 featured options or opt to be surprised, then stir up those competitive spirits and get your game on!

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. on the 15th of the scheduled month

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3. Deadbolt Mystery Society


Price: Starts at $21.67/month

What’s Included: With the Deadbolt Mystery Society, teamwork is the name of the game. Each monthly box brings a suspenseful stand-alone mystery, complete with intriguing characters and story lines, and packed with plenty of challenging puzzles, codes, trivia and clues. Designed for between 4-6 players, keep the whole team on their toes as everyone works together to unravel the mystery.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. except for select countries in the 1st full week of the month

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4. Dungeon Crate™


Price: Starts at $35.17/month

What’s Included: For tabletop groups who want to keep their campaign running IRL, a combination of screen sharing technology and Dungeon Crate can make that happen! Each box aims to kick even the best DnD tabletop set-up into high gear, with an assortment of gaming goodies curated by experienced players, including downloadable adventures, campaigns and battle maps, minis, dice and other game-play props.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S.

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5. Silverbeam Creations


Price: Starts at $11.00/month

What’s Included: The popularity of Critical Role has created a world of new DnD players and GMs who are always in pursuit of new game-play pieces that they can work into their tabletop setups. With boxes catering to beginner, advanced players and GMs, Silverbeam Creations can keep your weekly sessions dynamic throughout the pandemic with new digital content, 3D-printed handheld props, dice, maps, minis and more.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 27th of each month

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6. Red Star Vintage


Price: Starts at $12.00/month

What’s Included: Vintage lovers can geek out over popular games and jigsaw puzzles of yesteryear, in all their original glory, with Red Star Vintage, a monthly box that delivers a blast from the past right to the front door. Choose between retro board games or jigsaw puzzles, then call up a friend for an exciting unboxing, discovering a new or gently used game treasure, that has been checked and verified to make sure every item is complete.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. between the 1st-4th of every month

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7. Sleuth Kings


Price: Starts at $14.25/month

What’s Included: Perfect for solo or small-group play, Sleuth Kings is a fun monthly box that brings a unique, high-quality interactive case needing to be cracked. Choose either the Rookie Detective kit for an hour of fun, or the Master Detective kit for an intensive 3-4 hours of play. With each box, you'll join the lead detective of the police force, making your way through a new case file that's filled with clues, codes and puzzles!

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. by the 4th of each month

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