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Product Details

August 2017 was all about unique paint pens! First we included the Posca PCF-350 brush tip pen. This paint pen combines the advantages of a paintbrush with the benefits of a pen. With its bristle tip, it can be used for detailed linework or covering large areas with a simple change in pressure. It’s a paint brush that’s always ready to go with a simple pump action. Next up we included a PC-1MR from Posca. This ultra-fine tip pen has the same qualities as a paint marker in the form factor of a fineliner. Use it for consistent linework and highlights. We also included a PC-1M. This extra-fine, tapered bullet tip pen is ideal for coloring in smaller areas outlined with the PC-1MR. Next up was the PC-3M fine bullet tip pen. This one is great for both coloring and writing clean lines. We chose the ivory color to allow you to add highlights to your new piece. For some brand variety we included the Derwent Graphik line painter. These paint pens feature a Japanese nib and are filled with an acrylic/watercolor like opaque paint that becomes permanent when dry. The pigmented paint is water-based and solvent-free, and dilutes with water. It can be used with a brush to create unique effects. Finally we included some black artist tiles from Strathmore to really provide some contrast for your new pieces! This picture was taken by our talented subscriber @aftritz55