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If you missed any of these great books in your boxes this year, pick them up now at a 30% discount!

Ice Cream Summer - There’s a mystery afoot at the Garrison Family Apple Orchard. Lizzie and Sarah have been looking forward to running the orchard’s ice cream stand when 2 new kids, twins, show up and make their twosome and foursome. Sarah is not excited about sharing the ice cream stand or her best friend and what’s worse is money goes missing! Now the four kids have to join forces to find the money and rescue what’s left of summer. Hardcover.

Sarai and the Meaning of Awesome - Sarai Gonzalez fully embraces her awesomeness - there’s even a sign above her bed! But she is stymied when she learns that her grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins may have to move far away because their landlord is selling their home. What can Sarai do to keep her family close? Paperback.

EllRay Jakes Stands Tall - EllRay’s little sister is becoming a bully and he has to deal with a bully himself. His class starts learning to play basketball but he might lose his best friend because he isn’t into basketball. And, EllRay is still waiting to grow taller; when will it happen?! Paperback.

All of these books cost $43 separately but are only $30 here! Don't forget to add a gift message at checkout! Octopus Stew - Ramsey’s grandmother's dinner plans get way out of hand. There are 2 different ways to enjoy the book: with the pages folded or opened for a unique perspective. Hardcover picture book.