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With this offer, receive High Stakes and Prison Break. Shipping rates apply for free box.
High Stakes - A frantic woman comes in first thing Monday morning begging you to take her case. Charlotte Moralis hasn’t heard from her husband, George Moralis, in over 24 hours. This past weekend George was on a getaway to The Velvet Curtain Casino. The last she heard from him was a voicemail telling her he was in some kind of trouble. Charlotte tried calling the police, but they wrote off her case. She insists that while George may have a gambling problem, he would never abandon his family. The casino has unsurprisingly been completely unhelpful when she called. So, you decide it’s best to go undercover and see just how high the stakes are. Difficulty Rating – 7/10
Prison Break - Brutality, violence, an attempted prison break, death….or, in other words, just another day at Valley Falls’ most infamous correctional facility. In a place filled with criminals and guards who are just as vicious as the inmates they supervise, anyone could be a killer. The only question is who is responsible for the newest murder...and why did they do it? Difficulty Rating – 6.5/10