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Ready to convert your nylon headbands into clips?! Each conversion kit includes three alligator clips and three non-slip grips. Simply cut the nylon headband and pull out of the bow, slide in an alligator clip, attach a non-slip grip and you're good to go. Depending on which side your babe wears her bows will determine which direction you need to slide in the clip. The non-slip grip is used to help keep the bow in your babes hair.

Please note that most headbands will easily be converted to clips but some bows will be trickier and possibly not able to convert depending on the style/material of the bow.

All products in the Exclusive Shop are add-ons and must ship to the same address as your monthly subscription. These products cannot be sent as a gift to a different address. Add-on products will ship with your next shipment if purchased by the 18th of the month. If purchased in the days following the 18th, there is a possibility they will come with your next shipment but may not come until the following month.

If you want your add-on product sooner, purchase the quick ship product and it will ship in 3-5 business days.