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Product Details

This is a special edition Crystal Box, which requires a one time payment and is separate from our monthly subscription boxes. You can view the monthly box plan options on our Subscribe page.

This box will ship within 5 business days.

This box would make beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one. Each box includes:

Spirit Quartz - $50.00+ Value

Known as the stone of harmony and alignment, Spirit Quartz is great to keep by the entry to your sacred space. A community stone through and through, the core crystal energy is amplified through hundreds of smaller points. Approximate size: 70-120 grams, 2 or more point clusters.

Citrine Cluster - $14.00 Value

Citrine is known for it’s joyful and prosperous qualities. Hold this cluster in your palm when you need self-esteem boost or to transform negative juju into positive mojo. Approximate size: 2x2"

Candle Quartz - $20.00 Value

With it’s gentle yet strong and persistent energy this crystal is great to use during meditation to open, balance and soothe the heart chakra. Point your candle quartz in the direction you’d like energy to flow. Approximate size: 2x2"

Pyrite Cluster - $8.00 Value

Pyrite is a personal power stone that will help you tap into your natural abilities and harness your creative potential. Keep this on your desk for business success and good fortune. Approximate size: 1.5x1.5"

Kyanite Blade - $4.00 Value

As a deflector of negative energy, Kyanite helps to eliminate self destructive habits. Carry it with you when you want to speak your truth or enhance your psychic abilities. Approximate size: 2-3" long

This box will ship within 5-7 business days.