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One mystery to solve is good. Two mysteries are better! ‘Tis the season to be spooked! Investigate two full-sized mysteries (not mini mysteries) that are perfect for the Halloween season. Step right up for the Double Feature!

The Ventriloquist: The police are shocked when a man walks into the police station with a bomb strapped to his chest. The mystery deepens, however, when they discover that he is simply a puppet that has been manipulated and sent there by someone calling themselves The Ventriloquist. What is The Ventriloquist's message to the Valley Falls police, and why has he taken the entire police force hostage? Don't be a dummy. Investigate this case and find out! Difficulty Level: 6/10

Howl at the Moon: Three recent deaths in Valley Falls have all the signs of animal attacks. However, the evidence about the sort of animal that could be responsible is inconclusive. Rumors abound that the murders might have been committed by a werewolf, given that they all occurred under the light of a full moon. The local authorities, however, aren't taking that seriously. The only connection that the three victims share is their love and patronage of a local watering hole called Ernie's Bar. Can you determine who (or what) is responsible for the deaths of these three victims? Beware: this case may get a little hairy! Difficulty Level: 6/10

Included: Two full-sized mysteries to solve, Double Feature poster, Double Feature collectible Challenge Coin
*Not eligible for further discount.