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Product Details

We’ve packed the Enchanting Forest Box with majestic goodies to help you bring the enchantment of the forest into your home. Each box includes:

Wanderluxe Crescent Moon Wall Hanging - $15 Value

This wooden wall hanging is an expression of nature’s deep-rooted beauty. Hang it on your wall to bring balance and abundance to your home or office.

Laser Trees Wood Keychain - $7 Value

Keep track of your keys with this functional piece of art. The sacred geometry inspired nine-sided lotus is laser etched into wood from a cherry tree, which is known to promote stability and enhance focus.

Trillium Organics Cedar Eucalyptus Body Polish - $12 Value

Cleansed and moisturize your skin with this gently exfoliating mix of crystalline salts paired with the revitalizing essential oils of cedar, balsam fir, rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint.

Blue Sage Smudge Bundle - $5 Value

Burn this herbal smudge stick, known as the "Grandmother Sage,” to clear negativity and refresh your sacred space with pure, protective energy.

Brie McKay Good Vibes Pin - $10 Value

Pin this White Sage stick on your backpack or favorite jean jacket to ward off bad vibes and remind you of your ability to bring positivity to any situation.

Plantlife Eucalyptus Essential Oil - $6.95 Value

Add this therapeutic grade aromatherapy oil to a diffuser, facial steam or DIY creams to help clear congestion, soothe sore muscles and support your immune system.

Element Botanicals Incense Cones - $8 Value

Burn these all natural palo santo and pine resin incense cones to help ground your energy and connect with the healing scent of the forest.

Moss Agate - $4 Value

Known as the stone of new beginnings and abundance, this crystal helps to stabilize the emotional body and clear negative energy from the environment. Place in your garden or inside a potted plant to send good vibes to your green friends.

This box will ship within 5-7 business days.