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Feeling Fab takes gift-giving to the next level, with curated gift boxes for every occasion. Every item is selected with thought and care, and each box is hand-packed with attention and love. This SPA LOVERS Gift Boxe is beautifully designed with an elegant touch. COMPLETE SPA GIFT SET FOR YOURSELF OR YOUR LOVED ONE. 🌸 HIGH QUALITY AND PREMIUM PRODUCTS: Made from nourishing, clean, safe and soothing ingredients


Papaya Yuzu Body Buffet by SPONGELLE, $16.This beloved Papaya Yuzu fragrance adorned in a charming gift box infuses vacation vibes for a tropical escape—anywhere and anytime you please. Use our cloud-like sponge and bouncy buffer to transport your spirits any day of the week. After all, a fresh spritz of papaya always does the body good. Smells Like: A day at the beach—with a tropical drink in hand. Feels Like: Warm island breezes kissed in sweetness.

LUNA SOY CANDLE by Spiral Rain with crushed Moonstone, $8. Jasmine, often referred to as the Queen of the Night or Moonlight on the Grove, is well known for its delicate scent. Unlike many other plants, jasmine blooms only at night, as such, jasmine became deeply associated with the Moon, lunar magic, dream magic, and purity. Lemons resonate with the energy of the moon and the element of water. Lemons can be used to celebrate lunar deities. Lemon is purifying and cleansing and can be used to that capacity in ritual. Moonstones: A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

'HAPPY' Inhaler by BeMoxe, $8. Help battle those blues and let your positivity thrive with this feel-good blend. Happy is made with the essential oils of fennel, thyme, cinnamon, and sage - making this the perfect blend to start your day. Happy will become a staple in your life and is small enough to keep in your purse, pocket, desk, or nightstand. Cruelty-free, earth-friendly, and never artificial.

Lavender Bath Bombs With Dried Rose Petals BATH BOMB, $6. Upgrade your bathing experience with a soothing lavender bath bomb, guaranteed to relieve your stress and relax sore muscles. Lavender has long been used in aromatherapy as a stress and anxiety reliever, and may even help to improve insomnia. Use this all-natural lavender bath bomb at night time to unwind from a long day and promote a night of deep, restful sleep. Contains essential oil blends for aromatherapy and relaxation. Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Epsom Salt, Essential Oil Blend, Filtered Water, Clays or Oxides for Coloring.

Dougnut BATH BOMB by LUXE BLUE, $5. This beautiful bath bomb is delightfully scented in a sweet aroma, and loaded with fizz and bubbles. Beautiful bath art emerges as a rainbow of colors dance around the bathtub from the middle of this cute doughnut-shaped bath bomb.

Anxiety Relief Shower Steamer by NW BEAUTY WORKS, $3. Why just have a shower when you can lavish your whole-body with a therapeutic shower experience? Make your everyday shower feel like a spa right at home! Infused with a special non-medicated mixture of menthol, lavender, and bergamot oils, this shower steamer bursts to life when it comes in contact with the water in your shower to release an exhilarating, soothing vapor that will make you never want to leave

Gem-Shaped Watermelon & Acai Soap Gem by SUNDAY RAIN, $8. Inspired by crystals, this gem-shaped soap is infused with Acai Berry and Watermelon for a refreshing bathing experience. Freshen up and enjoy the unique gem shape as you cleanse. This insta-worthy soap with 24K gold flecks will give you a precious glow.

Birthday Cake Tea by TEA CLUB, $4. Just a satisfying creamy sweet flavor in a cup. Rich and robust, this blend opens beautifully with a dash of sugar and a splash of milk. Each bag makes three cups of tea.

Three Tea Sampler by PAROMI, $4. Paromi Tea is an oasis from the ordinary. They are started with exquisite, carefully selected ingredients. Then, the makers meticulously combine them in small batches, testing until we reach the perfect balance. The result is uncommon - tea that looks, smells, and tastes unlike any you have tried.