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From philosophers to rulers since the early BC’s, human species have ruminated over this timeless question: what is the secret to happiness? Thanks to research in neuroscience and psychology, we no longer have to speculate on the factors contributing to our happiness. So, what are the ingredients to happiness? It isn’t something very sexy like money, fame, or that beautiful Ferrari. It’s good ol’ gratitude! Currently, there are over 26+ studies and counting supporting the link between gratitude and happiness. According to multiple research studies– gratitude not only improves our happiness, but also our career, health, and relationships! Gratitude acts much like a natural antidepressant, because our every thought and action results in a release of chemicals in the brain. By recalling just 3 things we are grateful for everyday, we can activate certain regions of our brain and promote dopamine and serotonin production. Plus, neuroscience research shows it takes about 21 days to rewire our brains for change! You can rewire your brain for more joy simply by recalling 3 things you’re thankful for each day. We hope your beautiful new custom designed gratitude jar will help you establish this wonderful practice! Simply write down 3 grateful thoughts at the end of each day and put it into the jar. Whenever the jar fills, read each note and reflect on all the good that’s happened in the past month(s) before clearing your jar for a new run.