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PAMPER & boost your dog’s diet with a supply of superfood treats flavored with Blueberries, Green Vegetables, Venison, Cod, Duck, Turkey, or Pork. NOURISH & encourage your dog’s natural feeding instincts with an award winning mentally stimulating puzzle toy that goes in the dishwasher, is Latex & BPA Free, Eco- Friendly & Recyclable. PROTECT & help your dog fight aging with a supply of Probiotics and Krill Oil, and many many more!
  • 2-6 Large Bags of TREATS, 1 TOY, 1-2 SUPPLEMENTS
  • ORGANIC Dog Treats
  • Sourced, Designed and Manufactured in NORTH AMERICA
  • VETERINARY Recommended Holistic Supplements
  • QUALITY Dog Toys

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Healthy meets Foodie BIG Box for 2+ Dogs
Healthy meets Foodie BIG Box for 2+ Dogs

This is a treat box. What makes a treat not a treat anymore is when is the same treat every time. Your dog is a foodie, just like you. We offer a variety of treats to keep your dog happy and healthy. Every Box is hand curated to PAMPER your dog’s belly, NOURISH their body, and PROTECT their brain. This is a well-rounded, upscale, specialty BOX featuring • 2- 6 large bags of treats, • 1 dog toy, • 1-2 dietary supplements.

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Healthy meets Foodie BIG Box for 2 Dogs +

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