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A must for all 🐶 LOVERS!

PAMPER & boost your dog’s diet with a supply of superfood treats flavored with Blueberries, Green Vegetables, Venison, Cod, Duck, Turkey, or Pork. NOURISH & encourage your dog’s natural feeding instincts with an award winning mentally stimulating puzzle toy that goes in the dishwasher, is Latex & BPA Free, Eco- Friendly & Recyclable. PROTECT & help your dog fight aging with a supply of Probiotics and Krill Oil, and many many more!
  • 100% organic dog treats
  • latex free & recyclable toys and products
  • veterinary recommended supplements
  • 100% designed, sourced, and manufactured in the USA
  • 30 days supplements supply, 4 bags of treats, one toy

Current Box from LA Pet Foodies

Healthy meets Foodie Single Dog SMALL Box
Healthy meets Foodie Single Dog SMALL Box

This is a treat box. What makes a treat not a treat anymore is when is the same treat every time. Your dog is a foodie, just like you. Every Box is hand curated to PAMPER your dog’s belly, NOURISH their body, & PROTECT their brain. This is a well-rounded, upscale, SPECIALTY box. We value premium quality ingredients that are high in nutritional value. From gastrointestinal disorders to allergies, we think that every meal is the most important meal of the day!

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Healthy meets Foodie Single Dog SMALL Box

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