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Outdoor Adventures Made Easy & Fun!

Fun? Absolutely! But Wild Life kits also develop valuable skills for life. Perfect for adventures in the backyard or backcountry. Our award-winning kits make amazing gifts too! I Every kits comes action packed with all the gear you need (items like a compass, binoculars) PLUS over 10+ hrs of games, skill-building activities and nature crafts.
  • With each kit, you’ll get 4-5 quality UNIQUE outdoor items you can't find anywhere else!
  • Our printed 20+ page guides have over 10+ hours of skill-building activities, outdoor games
  • Each kit has everything you needs to do ALL the activities
  • Each kit has has a nature-inspired DIY craft
  • Our content and kits are built by parents, educators and outdoor teachers!

Monthly Adventure Kit is not available, but you'll love these other boxes!

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