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Our November boxes focused on blended colored pencils. This box includes a full set of Tombow Recycled colored pencils. Beautifully crafted from cedar wood, these pencils are constructed using finger joint technology, which reduces waste during the manufacturing process and saves natural resources. The dense, wax-based cores in these artist-grade colored pencils are ideal for creating precise, detailed illustrations and sharp lines. A high pigment content assures brilliant, saturated colors, which also blend and layer well making it the perfect choice for this month’s box! We also included 2 Koh-i-Noor Tri-tone pencils. These pencils have three colors braided into a single lead to create depth and allow for easy blending. We also included a blending as well as a burnishing pencil from Derwent. Use the blender to blend across colors and use the burnisher to add a polished look to your finished piece. Finally we included two eraser pencils from Faber-Castell. These eraser pencils are great for erasing precise parts of your colored pencil drawings. The picture this month is from our awesome subscriber @afritz55 on instagram :)