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This blend is yet another of our proprietary but blends created to showcase flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean region. Sumac is made from the tart berries of a bush native to the Mediterranean that is popular in Middle Eastern recipes. They are dried and crushed to produce a crimson powder that provides a lovely tanginess similar to lemon, but with a fruitier flair and an overall sweet-sour profile. Our Nutty Sumac spice blend combines the tangy flavors of sumac with the earthy, nutty notes of cumin and sesame, and marries them together with the mild, fruity heat of Syrian Aleppo chili peppers. This blend is so versatile, try it on roasted chicken, potato salad, pan seared shrimp, or as a flavor-packed topping for your hummus! Contains: sumac, paprika, Aleppo chilis, white sesame seed, cumin, and allspice.

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