Product Details

You'll receive a book chosen at random, about which you know nothing. It could be a fresh bestseller

'Random Book' is not about profit—it's a soulful project designed for the exchange of our love for literature and collecting your invaluable impressions and feedback. We treasure each book, whether brand new or time-worn but well-cared-for, and we look forward to sharing this treasure with you. Allow us to surprise you and enrich your reading experience!
  • 1. Monthly Surprise: Receive a new book every month, the content of which is a mystery until it arrives.
  • 2. Curated Selections: Books are carefully selected from a wide range of genres to ensure variety and quality.
  • 3. New and Pre-Loved: Each shipment could include brand new bestsellers or pre-owned classics in excellent condition.
  • 4. Zero Profit Motive: The service is run for pleasure, not profit, focusing on sharing the joy of reading.
  • 5. Gift Subscriptions: The perfect gift for the reader in your life, with the option to gift a single month or a full year.

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