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《我不》是一本让人忍俊不禁的图画书。本书讲述了一个调皮的小宝宝,对于妈妈的指令总是爱说:“我不!”先穿内衣,再穿外套。我不!先刷牙,再洗脸...于是就发生了许多顺序颠倒的搞笑场景。这些场景借由形态各异的动物演绎出来,在让人捧腹大笑的同时,也教会宝宝做事情的先后顺序,帮助宝宝在开怀一笑中增进认知,提高生活自理能力。 "No" is a picture book that makes people laugh. This book tells about a naughty little baby who always loves to say, "No!" to mom's instructions, wear underwear first, then coat. I do not! Brush your teeth first, then wash your face... So there are many funny scenes in reverse order. These scenes are deduced by animals of various shapes, which not only make people laugh, but also teach the baby the order of things to do, help the baby to increase cognition and improve the ability of self-care in life.