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Cook two dishes from Ghana: #1 Nkatenkwan, a creamy soup with peanut butter. #2 Waakye, a beans & rice dish that can be a meal of itself or the center of a large number of side dishes. Sprinkle both dishes with grains of paradise. They are native to West Africa, mainly from Ghana, and a mild but pungent alternative to black pepper. Ingredients: Two recipe cards with pre-portioned spice pouches [1] Rosemary, bay leaves [2] Smoked paprika, thyme, bay leaves [3] Grains of paradise Dish #1: Nkatenkwan is typically made with okra and peanut butter. If these ingredients don’t appeal to you, use other vegetables and/ or make it a clear soup. Meat can be added optionally. Dish #2: Waakye is very popular all over Ghana. The name derives from waakye leaves that are typically used to turn the color of the dish to reddish-brown. Baking soda has the same effect. Try this basic dish with side dishes of your choice.