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This month is all about tinted graphite! This Premium box features a SketchBox exclusive watercolor graphite pocket set from Cretacolor. This six-piece set contains a primary set of tinted graphite pencils, an Aquagraph white lightning pencil, two water-soluble graphite pencils, and is only available here! To round out your set of tinted graphite pencils, we also included two Graphitint pencils from Derwent in ivy and chestnut, and a Spectrum Noir Colortint pencil in cafe au lait. We also included two Graphitint pans in dark indigo and juniper. These are a new item from Derwent that we're super excited about as they offer a traditional watercolor experience but with tinted graphite! Another item in this box that we're really excited about is the ArtGraph drawing graphite putty. This water-soluble putty acts similarly to an ink stick as you can add water to create a range of values. You can dilute this putty to create subtle gradients or combine it with other water-soluble mediums to create your own tinted graphite! Finally, to put graphite to paper, we included a Princeton Heritage round #6 brush. This classic brush can hold large amounts of water and is great for detail work or larger areas.