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Our Yoni Magic Box is packed with supplies to help you connect with and honor your yoni and womb space. We all hold the creative energy of this sacred center, regardless of our life phase or if our physical womb has been removed. Each box includes:

Yoni Crystals Vesica Pisces Bracelet - $22 Value

Wear this sacred symbol on your wrist as a reminder of the divine creative essence that resides in your womb.

Calm-a-Mama Balance Drops - $17 Value

This hormone balancing flower essence combines clary sage, rose, yarrow and lavender to increase feelings of comfort, stability and resilience.

Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam - $7 Value

Cleansing herbal yoni steam to support a healthy menstrual cycle, reduce stress and connect to your feminine essence.

Cosmic Collage Medicine Bag - $25 Value

Carry your essentials wherever you go in this gorgeous pouch. It’s perfect for holding your menstrual cup, pads, tampons, crystals and more!

Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs - $1.50 Value

These vegan and grain-free puffs are made with nutrient-dense ingredients including cassava and sweet potato, so you can feel good snacking on them when you’ve got a savory craving.

Little Moon Essentials Cramp Belly Rub - $13.50 Value

Massage this oil featuring camphor, arnica, clary-sage and wintergreen over your womb space to help relieve menstrual cramps.

Amethyst Cluster - $8 Value

Amethyst is known to help bring balance, soothe the mind and calm emotions. Keep this crystal near when doing womb healing.

Digital Bonus: The Womb Codex - $18 Value

Access moon rituals that will connect you with your feminine power and the deeper wisdom of lunar rhythms.

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