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★ 冰心儿童文学奖作家巩孺萍、国际儿童读物联盟荣誉榜单画家王祖民、新锐绘本画家王莺联袂创作
★ 一本献给2-4岁孩子的关于“屎尿屁”的图画书,幽默、夸张、充满想象力
★ 动物们登场打开一个接一个脑洞,展开一个接一个神奇想象
★ 幽默夸张的动物造型、传神的表情,符合低幼孩子的审美偏好
★ 动物世界的头脑激荡大会,激发孩子的创造力,培养孩子的发散思维

★ Gong Ruping, writer of the Bingxin Children's Literature Award, Wang Zumin, a painter on the honor list of the International Children's Book Union, and Wang Ying, a cutting-edge picture book artist, jointly created
★ A picture book dedicated to 2-4 year olds about "No.1 & No.2", humorous, exaggerated and full of imagination
★ Animals come on stage to open one brain hole after another, and unfold one magical imagination one after another
★ Humorous and exaggerated animal shapes and expressive expressions are in line with the aesthetic preferences of young children
★ Brainstorming conference in the animal world, stimulate children's creativity and cultivate children's divergent thinking