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Scratch-Art Scratch Magic (One Rainbow Pack and One Rainbow Holographic Pack): It s simply magic! Make cool, colorful pictures, greeting cards, and notes. Simply draw your masterpiece by scratching on the 6" x 9" black coated board and watch colors magically appear. Ampersand Scratchbord 8x10: A rigid hardboard backing and a perfectly inked surface make this the ultimate scratchboard. Made with a thick clay-coating and T100 India Ink. Allows for a full range of tonal values. Copper Foil Leopard Cub: Simply scrape away the lines to reveal glorious copper images that lie beneath the surface. The 10" x 8" pictures are mastered by scraping away the pre-printed outlines and by adding some individual touches of your own. Speedball Holder and Scratch Knife Set: Use this holder and and scratch knives to scratch your drawing onto the surfaces provided in this pack.