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American Cocktail Club

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5 star cocktails in a box!

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Product Overview
  • All orders taken after the 20th of the month will be pushed back to the following months box (i.e. orders taken on February 21st will be placed in the March box shipments) We ship during the third week of the month!
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
American Cocktail Club
The American Cocktail Club is a premium cocktail subscription box that curates all-natural and world class cocktails. Being part of the Club is like having the coveted seat at a high level mixology bar. This monthly box contain 4 servings curated by award winning mixologists around the USA. The mixers are low sugar and all natural juice blends by A
  • Everything But The Booze Box: All of the ingredients to make 4 servings of a cocktail, alcohol not included
  • Everything Box: All of the ingredients to make 4 servings of a cocktail, alcohol included
  • Number of items varies depending on the recipe
Subscriber Reviews
5.0 of 5 stars
Really fun and Delicious!
by Rebecca written last month
I got my first box (the ginger orange with mezcal and gin martinis) the drinks were easy to prepare and, frankly, the best part was that despite the fact that it was 7pm, I was in my PJs, in my livingroom, toddlers finally put to sleep, taking a sip of the drink (out of a plastic cup instead of a proper glass) transported me IMMEDIATELY back to my previous life as a decked out, dressed up, single twenty/thirty-something with a social life at the cool & and amazingly interesting bars and restaurants of NYC. I never thought I'd have that experience again--of having a really, really interesting and delicious drink just because I felt like it--and yet, here I was, re-experiencing my previous life in the comfort of my own home, without even having to hail a cab, hire a babysitter. Really fun and tasty. Thank you!
Verified Purchase
by Janet written 9 months ago
Terrific Blueberry Gin drink, my favorite part of your crate is that you include the liquor, and not the produce.
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