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and the Story Begins

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  • Our book boxes are shipped weekly! Free Shipping! Each of our books are wrapped and shipped in 100% recycled materials. Questions? Email: andthestorybegins@monthlybookbox.com
  • Ships to select countries from United States
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Receive two new books every month!
A monthly book subscription service that delivers TWO handpicked books from the genre of your choosing for ONLY $16.95/month! All of our books are BRAND NEW, never used, and always highly rated. Each of our books are wrapped and shipped in 100% recycled materials. Free Shipping! (US and territories ONLY. Canada - $25 Shipping Fee Applies)
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  • Individually Wrapped
  • Surprise
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Subscriber Reviews

Very unhappy

by doniqua, today

I'm not happy at all with this subscription and I haven't even received the package yet. It was marked as shipped on the 17th and still has yet to be taken to usps per usps website. I was sent something else Friday from Kentucky and received it today via usps so it makes me wonder. Also it states in the description they ship every week well I signed up on the 4th and they didn't do the postage until the 17th....and I still haven't received any books. That's not shipping every week to me. I even was nice and asked they said oh it'll ship next week...then I asked a question about billing and was never answered. With this being online I am not comfortable with the communication and not standing up to doing what you say you'll do. I'm better off getting a Barnes and noble membership and picking out my own horror novels in person than risking this. I cancelled.

Verified Purchase

Bad Quality

by Jessica, Oct 10, 2018

The two books came wrapped in cute thread and brown packages and it was definitely a thrill to open them. However, the two books were uninteresting and poor quality. Both have black smudges along edges of the pages. One had a large black dot on the bottom and scratches on the cover. The second book looked like it had been chewed a bit on the bottom of the pages, not sure what happened there. Fun to open but left disappointed.

Verified Purchase

First month

by Shelby, Sep 05, 2018

We weren't impressed with the first month, but we're definitely trying again to see if it gets better. Not a fan of young adult. There should be a better way to cater to interests, like picking new books based on reviews of old ones or something.

Verified Purchase
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