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Offering two monthly Asian beauty subscriptions featuring sheet masks, skincare, makeup, & more!

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$15.00+ $13.00+ / month
Product Overview
  • Ships at the end of the month. Orders placed before the 15th of the month will receive the current month. Orders placed after the 15th will receive the next month. (Example: Orders for April bags open on 3/16 & close on 4/15. April's bags are then prepped, packed, & shipped by the end of April!)
  • Ships to select countries from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Beauteque Monthly | BB Bag & Mask Maven
K-Beauty curious? Choose from one of our two amazing subscriptions! BB Bag boasts 6 full-sized Asian beauty items including skincare, makeup, body/hair care, and more - starting at only $22/month. Mask Maven delivers 9 masks ranging from sheet masks to wash-off masks to sleeping packs and everything in between - starting at only $13/month.
  • Features the latest Asian beauty products
  • Fun themes every month
  • Full-sized products
  • Innovative skincare, makeup, & masks
  • Monthly raffle for active subscribers
Subscriber Reviews
4.8 of 5 stars
Beauteque Monthly's February BB Bag
by Geri R written 2 years ago
This was the first subscription service I've ever received. I loved everything inside and can't wait for more!
Full Review
May 2017 BB box
by Marie written 14 days ago
I initially signed up for the beauty box because I don't really wear a lot of makeup and I would rather have more skin or haircare with few makeup. Beauteque fit that. So I signed up for 6 months starting with the May bag. I received an email saying they were going to change their shipping to the end of the month, so now May's bag will come in June. Which is not the greatest, but not a deal breaker. The bag arrived and I feverishly opened and admired the items, with the exception of the eyebrow pencil which was omitted. I have since tried everything I've received, and while some of it may not fit my scent profiles, or colors for blush, they all work wonderfully and the scents cater to the particular theme of May (May flowers), so I am still very pleased. I emailed the company after I realized I was missing an item, and they have since emailed me back apologizing and telling me they will be sending my product in a few days. Very pleased, and highly anticipating the future boxes.
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Missing item and late delivery
by Melissa written 17 days ago
First, I LOVE the BB Bag sub. I researched K-Beauty subs for awhile before I decided on this one. I'm very pleased with the items they've sent so far, however, shipping delays and a missing item overshadows the joy of this box. I used to get the Mask Maven Bag and they shipped it between the 15-18. That was nice and reasonable. Getting a May bag on June 10 is not cool. After I signed up and paid upfront for a six month sub, an email went out that they were going to ship the last day of the month from now on. Again, not cool. If you have to ship on the last day of the month, it should be for the upcoming month. How can you call it "May Flowers" when it arrives a third of the way through June. I hope BB can fix the shipping issues because I hope to stay with them. They really do curate a good box.
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great first box, but....
by Matilda written 19 days ago
I am impressed with the items I received. The bag itself is beautiful and a great size for travel. It is lined and has a flat bottom so it stays open and is easier to find what you are searching for. I am excited to try the lavender modeling mask, I have never used such a mask before. The blush from Etude house is adorable. The brush is packed with the softest bristles imaginable, I cannot wait to try it out. I received the Vita-P soothing gel in grape. I think it will be an ideal moisturizer for summer. My skin just soaks it right up, no tackiness at all. I was kind of expecting a grape like scent, but for something you put on your face, it is probably best that it is unscented. I have not yet tried the cleanser, but I do like the fresh and slightly flowery scent. I think you can tell that I am excited about my first box, however, there are two drawbacks. The first is that it arrived so late. It is a May box and arrived on 6/9/17. To me that should be the June box. I hope they are able to recover some of this time and start getting their boxes out to customers in the appropriate month. Secondly, my box was missing the eyebrow pencil. I would have given 5 stars, but these issues are pretty big issues to me, thus the 3 stars. I am looking forward to my next box, hopefully before July.
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