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Boho Berry Box

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The Boho Berry Box is a monthly creative journaling subscription delivered to your doorstep!

$25.00+ / month
Product Overview
  • We ship between the 13th-17th of every month. First time orders placed between the 13th and end of the month ship immediately.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Priority mail for passionate planners!
Each box comes with a monthly tracker and planner stickers, plus a mix of products such as additional stickers, stationery, pens, pencils, markers, and other goodies from our favorite creative journaling brands. Become a part of Boho Berry's creative planning tribe and sign up today!
  • Boxes include subscriber-only designs by Boho Berry
  • Each box contains at least 4-7 creative journaling and planning items
  • Retail value of $25+
  • Access to an exclusive community of other creative journalists and planners

Subscriber Reviews

Love Boho Berry!

by Kristin, Jun 22, 2018

Kara is so Creative, love everything I get in my boxes! Also, buy her other wonderful paper and digital items! Thank you, Boho Berry!!!

Verified Purchase

International buyer

by Isabel, Jun 19, 2018

I was very excited for purchasing this box, the first months it was very hard, because DHL e-commerce service, is awful! the package goes form USA to Germany and then back to latinamerica, and it does not make sence. Plus, once it arrives to the country it takes weeks for the to deliver the package to the local mail office... Finally y figured it out by using a USA suite, and it has worked ok, but it arrives almost when the month is starting so I wish they send the package a little bit earlier each month... I have to say, that Jeny from support is awesome, she is very kind and helpful and I swear is the best custom support I ever had. About the box itself, I have to say june box was really good, although not to say "WOW!", but it is nice. I'm writting from latinamerica, some of the products they send are harder to get here, other you can find them in several stationery shops (LT1917 and tombows), so I wish you could include some "harder to find" items, as the RED Dots version of the LT 1917... Anyway, I really appreciate getting this box, because I work all day, have a toddler, so I do not have time to go to the stores, and spend time looking for stuff or buying. And is also a strategy for spending just the right amount of money in stationery supplies.... hopefully I'll be able to keep purchasing this box.

Verified Purchase

Not worth it

by Caitlyn, Jun 18, 2018

I was subscribed for 3 months and I unsubscribed after. I didn't really feel like the box was worth the money. The stickers you can buy from the Etsy shop, and I don't really have a use for single markers - especially since I owned the color already. Getting a new notebook was nice, but I could have just gotten one from my local pen store for $20. Would have liked to see more fun washi tapes, or decoration stickers, paper clips, more than 1 marker to a box. I really did enjoy the Faber Castell pen and the jelly roll pens.

Verified Purchase
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