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Great box!
by Amy written today
I received two hardback books, released within the last two years, for ten bucks. I call that a win. Both books look like they're going to be great reads as well.
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by Stevi written today
Brand new books! Worth at least double what you pay. I definitely recommend this crate to all readers!!!
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Awesome box!
by Stacy written Nov 05, 2018
We just received a box for my 4 year old son. All books are hardcover and brand new!! I could not be more impressed.
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by Amanda written Oct 31, 2018
Do you keep the books or send them back for someone else to enjoy?
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by Julia written Oct 23, 2018
would not recommend, doesn’t follow the chosen category that you pick
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by Paula written Oct 09, 2018
I really love this affordable subscription. I receive both the Strange Worlds and the Thrill Seeker box. Great books, not new books but still great. Almost always hardcovers. Would make a great gift for a book lover also.
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by Sarah written Oct 06, 2018
Loved the books I got. Hard cover.
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by Stacy written Oct 05, 2018
While I am impressed at the condition of the books, they are not the genre I ordered. I was hoping to get the teenage dreams package but I received were 2 adult fiction books.
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by Alea written Sep 08, 2018
Not the best book selection. They were in good condition and worth way more than the cost of the box, but I'm not a fan of the authors whose books were selected for me.
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Wonderful Book Club
by Keryl written Sep 02, 2018
The price and books are both awesome!
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