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Three different book clubs featuring classics, vintage books, tea and coffee. Yum!

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Gift for a Friend
by Nylene written May 16, 2018
She loves her bookishly box!
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by Emelie written Apr 18, 2018
this is such a cute idea <3
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by Aqiul written Apr 17, 2018
Just received my first subscription and it's pretty good! Everything was packaged well and I'm looking forward to experiencing both the coffee and the book.
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by Gaylene written Mar 15, 2018
I received the three month subscription as a gift from my son. Was surprised when I received the first two parcels only two weeks apart. The books are not really to my taste, my son thought they were meant to be new books, but I really enjoyed the tea and stationery. The packaging was lovely. I won't continue with the subscription, though I would consider one more to my taste.
Worthwhile purchase
by Christy written Feb 23, 2018
I received the first delivery and it is just as described. It was well packaged and very charming. Already looking forward to the second one.
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by Jessica written Feb 21, 2018
This was such a lovely package to open.
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by Sarah written Feb 20, 2018
I signed up to Bookishly as they have a great reputation, and shipping to Ireland was very reasonable compared to some other book subscriptions. I opted for the *surprise*, and while the book I received was not to my taste, the tea was a lovely treat. My 1st package got lost in the mail, but I popped the team a message and Sue promptly sent a replacement that arrived last Friday! I won't be continuing this subscription for myself as I am dearly devoted to my Kindle, however, my experience was so great and the parcel arrived wrapped with such love and care, that I will be gifting this without hesitation to the book lovers in my life instead :)
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by Brandy written Feb 11, 2018
I love the different types of books that come from this subscription. They're all guaranteed vintage, and every one I've received has been great.
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Pretty Ugly Lies
by Fritzi written Feb 05, 2018
Review of Pretty Ugly Lies by Pamela Crane Pamela Crane has written another awesome book. This one is a departure from the traditional mystery in that it begins typically enough with a murder and an unknown perpetrator; however, as you read further, the murder will be nearly forgotten. You will instead be caught up in the frustration, hopefulness, despair and reconciliation, order and disorder of the characters as they struggle through their lives. Then, POW! the mystery is back and we know who committed the murder and why. To say that this story is multifaceted is an understatement. To say that it is a darn good tale is an understated truth.
History at hand!
by Kristina written Jan 30, 2018
I love this subscription so much! The stationary was an afterthought for me- I was after the tea and the book, but I have come to cherish it as much as the others. They are beautiful, and I have made use of every piece I've received. I've had this subscription a year now, and never received the same piece of stationary twice! The tea has been excellent to be able to carry a high quality bag tea with for those work breaks or travel excursions, and has delicious, unique flavors. The book arrives beautifully wrapped, with a different bookmark each month. And they are vintage books, for sure! Some are in perfect condition, but some are very well loved. I've actually treasured my well loved ones even more than the perfect conditions- most often a penguin collection, but any type may show up, and often with intriguing looks into the lives of the times the book was published (canned dog food was discontinued during WWII- did you know?). This subscription has far surpassed any other book box I've tried!
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