Tea and Book Club
Three different book clubs featuring classics, vintage books, tea and coffee. Yum!

£10.00+ GBP / month

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4.4 of 5 stars
by Rahayu written 5 days ago
I subscribed to the Coffee & Vintage Book Club and I was not disappointed with the items received. It was my first from this subscription and I loved it! The items were packaged very nicely and I received the vintage Penguin Books Edition, a very generously packed to the brim coffee pack as well as a bookmark. I'll definitely continue with Bookishly monthly subscription! xx
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by Ani written Sep 18, 2018
I subscribed to the Classic of the Month Club. I loved both the book & tea and everything was packaged nicely. The package also arrived slightly more than a week after my order, which is pretty fast for an international order and the delivery charge was reasonably priced. However, I found the subscription a bit pricey overall for the two items that I received. I might subscribe from time to time to indulge myself but not every month.
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Gift for a Friend
by Nylene written May 16, 2018
She loves her bookishly box!
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by Emelie written Apr 18, 2018
this is such a cute idea <3
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by Aqiul written Apr 17, 2018
Just received my first subscription and it's pretty good! Everything was packaged well and I'm looking forward to experiencing both the coffee and the book.
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by Gaylene written Mar 15, 2018
I received the three month subscription as a gift from my son. Was surprised when I received the first two parcels only two weeks apart. The books are not really to my taste, my son thought they were meant to be new books, but I really enjoyed the tea and stationery. The packaging was lovely. I won't continue with the subscription, though I would consider one more to my taste.
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by Christy written Feb 23, 2018
I received the first delivery and it is just as described. It was well packaged and very charming. Already looking forward to the second one.
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by Jessica written Feb 21, 2018
This was such a lovely package to open.
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by Sarah written Feb 20, 2018
I signed up to Bookishly as they have a great reputation, and shipping to Ireland was very reasonable compared to some other book subscriptions. I opted for the *surprise*, and while the book I received was not to my taste, the tea was a lovely treat. My 1st package got lost in the mail, but I popped the team a message and Sue promptly sent a replacement that arrived last Friday! I won't be continuing this subscription for myself as I am dearly devoted to my Kindle, however, my experience was so great and the parcel arrived wrapped with such love and care, that I will be gifting this without hesitation to the book lovers in my life instead :)
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by Brandy written Feb 11, 2018
I love the different types of books that come from this subscription. They're all guaranteed vintage, and every one I've received has been great.
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