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3.8 of 5 stars
by Liz written last year
The pieces are pretty. However, the value is low. It strikes me as odd that on their website, pieces are often marked down a shocking amount. For example, there's a pair of earrings right now that retail for $119, but are on sale for $20, which makes me question why they would sell the piece for $119 to begin with. It seems like the pieces they put in their boxes are always off of their for sale page, so things they didn't sell and just need to get rid of. There are nicer jewelry subscriptions for the same price. Save your money.
Cool BOx
by Kathy written last year
This was a good box going into the holiday season as the necklaces were spot on for holiday dresses and parties. The ring size confused me as I never heard of midi rings until today.
too much with the same stuff
by Faith written last year
They used to sell a trendy box or a classic. I went trendy first and liked it so much that I bought a classic box to. Come to find out they are the same and now it likes like its not even an option now. I need a refund........
Definitely worth the price
by Kassandra written last year
I have had subscriptions to bijoux box and Bezel box, neither box adds up to the VIP box. The jewelry may be fashion pieces but they hold up well, even when my kid pulls on the necklace. The pieces come in a cool pouch or gift box which means I can re-gift or store it in. They send it well wrapped in cool tissue paper and a free gift.
Love the items in my VIP box
by Sarah written last year
The pieces are stunning. I see why y'all have a box y'all have great jewelry.
by Miranda written last year
I guess I've been spoiled by BoxyCharm where I get well over what I pay out. This box was WELL UNDER what I paid out. I spent $30 and this Cate & Chloe box is worth no more than $10. I got 1 beauty item (face illuminator ??) and 2 pieces of fairly cheap jewelry. BoxyCharm I spend $22 and get over $120 in products. Not expecting that from every box subscription but I should at least feel like I'm getting my money's worth. Cate & Chloe sucks!!
You get what you pay for
by Nicole written last year
It's just cheap costume jewelry. Likely not worth the money, but You get what you pay for with this subscription box.
loved my box!
by Shabnam written last year
I didn't know what to expect from my box - oh my goodness. I was in for a treat. My package had the prettiest tissue paper I have even seen. I got the sweetest pair of earrings I have ever seen and a bottle of conditioner & detangling spray. The earrings I got are so cute and very comfortable.
by Emma written last year
The jewelry looked like it came from the dollar store. There was a choker with a thin bubblegum machine fake gold chain. I gave it to my toddler. Cancelled immediately. I'm sure a subscription service can source wholesale quality costume jewelry if they actually cared. Two stars because the included beauty product is useful.
Great selection!
by Kristina written last year
Just got my second VIP box and it has so many beautiful items! I love the choker, it is so beautiful and just my style! Also the bracelet and other necklace will be so perfect for my summer wardrobe! Can't wait to wear them out! I am also so excited for the detangler! Absolutely loved my subscription this month! Thanks Cate and Chloe!
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