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4.0 of 5 stars
by Kerry written Jun 03, 2018
I got this as a Surprise gift for myself. I am always buying gifts for others but it is hard to treat yourself to a surprise. This was a perfect way to get some quality jewelry and have fun with it! I Love this program! It was like Christmas when my package came!
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by Scottie written May 29, 2018
I'm a fan of Cate and Chloe so when I seen they were joining cratejoy and coming out with a subscription box, I knew I had to have it! I started with the sampler to get an idea of what they would be offering. The sample box is just that, a sample. There's one necklace with a surprise gift from an upcoming partner. A little about my box! My sample arrived in the cutest pink box! Upon opening the first thing you see is the floral, girly tissue paper. Once you open that you'll see a few information cards explaining to you what you recieved. My box came with the sweetest, dainty heart necklace that will pare nicely with any outfit. Its sure to give you a classy look no matter how you wear it. Whether it be a pretty dress or just a shirt with jeans. This months subscription came with a beautiful lip stain in the color "Pebble". It's described as an orange-red, but I found that on my skin color it was more of a reddish nude color. Its beautiful and I'm seriously thinking about grabbing a Laritzy cosmetics subscription box as well! I cant wait to see what next months box holds in store for me!
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Very fun box!
by Pamela written May 28, 2018
Cate and Chloe VIP starter box was a fun surprise to open up! It was a pink box, which impressed me right away. When I opened my box, the first thing I saw was pretty, floral tissue paper. Inside, were a rose gold heart necklace and a surprise gift of a pretty lipstain by Laritzy. The rose gold heart necklace is perfect for every occasion, I will wear it no matter what I am wearing! I like the idea of being surprised each month, especially with a company that I know and trust like Cate and Chloe! Thanks, Crate Joy!
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by Cathy written May 27, 2018
Love getting surprise packages! Cate & Chloe items came in a cute pink box, and items were wrapped and protected with tissue paper. Its going to be hard to decide which items to keep and which to give as gifts! lol The necklace I received was an 18K gold plated heart and nice chain. Really pleased with the quality, Also included, was a bonus lip stain, which I love. Cant wait to see what I get in my next shipment :)
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Love having surprise jewelry delivered!
by Liza written May 27, 2018
Such a fabulous box from Cate & Chloe! I got the starter size and it came with 1 piece of jewelry and a lip stain. The packaging itself is a bright spot, pink box with floral tissue paper! The 18k gold plated heart necklace was a perfect addition to my jewelry addiction. I think that I might even get a few months subscription for my sister in law as a gift. She is in college and I definitely think she’d really enjoy getting jewelry items like this each month.
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Love this Jewelry Subscription Box!
by Emily written May 16, 2018
The Cate and Chloe VIP Jewelry Subscription box is a must have for anyone looking for some beautiful new jewelry delivered to your door every month. My husband bought it for me as a gift for my birthday last year and I have been signed up now for over a year cause I just can't get enough. I have the FULL VIP box so I get 3 new pieces every month, some of them I love, some of them aren't exactly my style but I try them and have actually fallen in love with some unique designs. The best part is they come in a gift box so I have used some of the pieces as gifts for my mom and friends!
by Liz written Nov 08, 2017
The pieces are pretty. However, the value is low. It strikes me as odd that on their website, pieces are often marked down a shocking amount. For example, there's a pair of earrings right now that retail for $119, but are on sale for $20, which makes me question why they would sell the piece for $119 to begin with. It seems like the pieces they put in their boxes are always off of their for sale page, so things they didn't sell and just need to get rid of. There are nicer jewelry subscriptions for the same price. Save your money.
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Cool BOx
by Kathy written Nov 05, 2017
This was a good box going into the holiday season as the necklaces were spot on for holiday dresses and parties. The ring size confused me as I never heard of midi rings until today.
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too much with the same stuff
by Faith written Oct 09, 2017
They used to sell a trendy box or a classic. I went trendy first and liked it so much that I bought a classic box to. Come to find out they are the same and now it likes like its not even an option now. I need a refund........
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Definitely worth the price
by Kassandra written Jun 23, 2017
I have had subscriptions to bijoux box and Bezel box, neither box adds up to the VIP box. The jewelry may be fashion pieces but they hold up well, even when my kid pulls on the necklace. The pieces come in a cool pouch or gift box which means I can re-gift or store it in. They send it well wrapped in cool tissue paper and a free gift.
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