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Chasin' Unicorns

The Self Love Box. Crystals, bath bombs, natural beauty products & spiritual tools

Plans as low as $32.00 / month
Product Overview
  • You box will ship on the 15th of each month. If you sign up before the 15th of the month you will get the box for that month. If you sign up ex. the 20th, you will start next months box.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Stressed or Depressed? This is for your soul.
Our boxes are a holistic self care pampering tool, for the modern women to nurture her spiritual practice and inner queen. Each box has 5-10 full-size products, totaling for a retail value of $100 each more for only $33. Collect crystals, candles, oils, bath bombs and more so you can start, loving, healing and manifesting your deepest desires.
  • 5-8 Full Sized Products, coupled with 3-5 new crystals in EVERY BOX!
  • Items include: crystals, candles, bath bombs, shower steamers, aromatherapy, vegan beauty, sage, jewelry, planners, tools for spiritual growth & much more!
  • 100% Organic, Vegan, Fair Trade, Toxic Free
  • FREE U.S Shipping!
  • Large crystals in EVERY box, that match with the moon and zodiac. Makeup, Body butters & featured products from Chasin' Unicorns - Crystal Infused Lifestyle Brand

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What happened

by Sherry F., today

I'm so upset about my box, I got more lemon whip for the 4th time. Plus I got the same stones that I already have. I was on the fence if I was going to stick with y'all but after this one I'm not sure. I hope to either get an extra box or my money back. So upset and sad.

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Unique box

by Lindsay B., 2 days ago

I've received a few boxes now from this group and I have been mostly impressed. Yeah the Jan box was a complete miss but I do feel they noticed our complaints and listened because the Feb box was great. I personally like the skulls and was happy to see them incorporated in this box. I was missing one of the products from my box but it was pimple patches that I don't feel I'd use anyways but that is why I gave the 4 stars. I feel like these boxes should come complete with nothing missing.

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Bummer this month...

by Shannon M., Jan 24, 2019

Have to say, I wait in the edge of my mailbox every month for my monthly Chasing Unicorns 🦄 sub box. Usually, I’m pretty happy, but this month...?????... so I got a USPS envelooe with a few paper squigglies & crushed dried flower petals that ended up EVERYWHERE. I’ve never been impressed with the contents list, which is on a teeny piece of paper w/ very little info. But this month, for $32, (btw, they include ‘free’ shipping into the value of the box, @ $7...), I got a pair of socks, a headband, a pack of incense, some tea (which I don’t drink!), some day planner which is really just 6 weeks worth of pages with 3 days per page, a box with the day of the week, & a rock (on product list, this is listed as ‘@chasinunicorns crystal selection set’ for !!!!!$15!!!!!!— it’s a $3 rock! I would normally give 1-2 stars, but I’m usually pretty happy with this box, if only for the normal collection of labeled crystals .... 😤😭. Will have to cancel if next month’s isn’t exponentially better. I’m getting really, really sick of this bait & switch many of these subscriptions seem to be succumbing to... several amazing boxes & then... 💩💩...

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Chasin' Unicorns said...
Jan 25, 2019
Hello Shannon! Unfortunately we are receiving quite a few backlash from other subscribers after this months box. Which is a bummer to us since its the first box of the year, we were really excited about it ourselves, and love and use the items daily for yoga, meal-prepping, planning, and cleansing. We announced in our IG many times that we wouldn't be using a box this month, for two of the main items could not fit, but we understand now that opening a box is actually the funnest part!!, so we noted. For the first time, we did not include any bath items or home products which we didn't take into consideration at first - noted again! We went for the journal for 2019 goals and the incense for cleansing away old energy, something we ourselves do. For the work we do, and after buying each item that goes inside the box, we believe our price is fair. From here on out we decided we will always include bath&beauty products; we know now that's the main reason why people sign up for our box! Thank you for the feedback on our previous boxes, it would be nice if you could leave a better review on those boxes as well but we understand and we definitely learned what not to do anymore. We are still learning and growing as a small business and we take constructive criticism very carefully and truly appreciate feedback, good and bag. Thank you for giving us one more try for next month, after what we learned I think you won't regret it! Please email orders@chasinunicorns.com if you would like to redeem a gift with us.

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