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Full size clean beauty products for women by women

Themed lifestyle box of inclusive full-sized beauty, wellness and lifestyle products good enough for professionals and inclusive enough for anyone. Receive a monthly Kit containing the best woman-owned and USA made items. Products are approved by our Clean Beauty Code. No repeats or product overload. Make the switch to Clean Beauty today!
  • High quality new releases every month
  • Vegan
  • Inclusive
  • Organic
  • Celebrity Makeup Artist Approved

Customer Questions (11)


Q: With the mini kit it says "half the size". Is that fewer fill size products? Or the same amount but smaller quantity of each?Asked by Erica B., November 2020

CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ answered...November 2020

Hi Erica,
All our kits contain full size items so the mini is fewer full size items.
Thanks for asking!
Happy holidays,
Cassandra McClure


Q: Are all the products non comedogenic? I cannot use anything above a three on the scale. I feel a bit apprehensive buying a box sight unseen because I always go through ingredients before buying.Asked by Lauren T., September 2020

CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ answered...September 2020

Hi Lauren,
Thank you for your question. Non comedogenic is denoting a skin-care product that is specially formulated so as not to cause blocked pores. But it sounds like you are asking about ingredient safety?
I can assure you our products are safe enough for sensitive skin (we have many cancer patients and survivors who are avid fans of the Clean Beauty Kit (they are among the most sensitive group). Our products never contain synthetic fragrance. Do you know exactly what you are allergic to? If so, you can notate your account so we can review and swap a product if necessary, although to date we've never had any issues with our partners' formulations.
Please check out the clean beauty code on our...


Q: How can I change the shipping address for my box? I've changed it through CrateJoy, but the last box went to the wrong address. I've tried reaching out to your company, but no one has responded.Asked by Kelly G., February 2021

CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ answered...March 2021

Hi Kelly,
Sorry about that.
The best way to get in touch is: hello at CLEANBEAUTYKIT dot COM
I will change your address now.
Thank you for inquiring,
Cassandra McClure


Q: Is the box most makeup or skincare? Asked by Diana O., February 2022

CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ answered...August 2022

Hi Diana,
I hope you are well. You can now build a custom kit and get whatever you want inside, from skincare, bath, body care, hair, makeup, CBD, tools and more!
Enjoy and let me know if you have any other questions!
Cassandra McClure

Reviews (59)

I’m obsessed

Feb 11, 2022
Verified Purchase
Janci M.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

I’m obsessed with all the companies been woman owned clean beauty I love every single product they are absolutely wonderful this is the best subscription that I’ve ever had as far as Beauty and I love it


Mar 05, 2022
Verified Purchase
Christina J.
1 Review
Subscribed for 21 days

An amazing box ! Loved everything I received!

CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ said...Aug 03, 2022

Aww thank you so much Christina! I appreciate it! Cassandra McClure

Not a reliable company

Mar 15, 2022
Verified Purchase
Michele P.
1 Review
Subscribed for 4 months

I have been charged for January, February and now March and haven’t received a single Kit!! I have reached out several times to this seller with and got apologies and promise’s of new kit’s being sent out, yet I’ve received nothing. I have also reached out to CrateJoy for help to no avail. I’m pretty fed up with this company and I have contacted my credit card company and requested that they get my money back!
I want to say that I purchased two other monthly subscriptions at Christmas for my sons and through CrateJoy and those two companies have delivered on time and great products. I’m not sure what is going on with Clean Beauty Kit and their shipping department but it needs to be fixed. It’s for sure their accounts receivable department is on top of things.

CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ said...Aug 03, 2022

Hi Michelle,
I hope you are well.
I am SO sorry about your experience but no, it's sadly just me running this start up now (I had someone but she retired... I wish I had a shipping dept!)--The reason why you didnt get your boxes is because I was on maternity leave. I gave birth to my first child in March (early) and completely forgot to tell my partner at the time (mom brain) about turning off Cratejoy subscriptions! (this is one smaller leg of our box company)
Anyway-I'm back and i'm going to fix this right away. Along with a full refund I will send a kits out to you now, and you can keep it free of charge for the inconvenience.
P.s. we didnt...

Maybe some other time....

Feb 23, 2022
Verified Purchase
Melissa S.
18 Reviews
Subscribed for 10 days

Initially, I purchased this because of the price. Maybe some other time I'll consider this one.

CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ said...Aug 03, 2022

Hi Melissa,
I want to help you. Can you let me know what was wrong with your order or experience so I can make it right? Did you have an issue with shipping? I am sorry about that. Please let me know you received everything Okay and on time.

Not worth the money!

Feb 28, 2022
Verified Purchase
L. C.
12 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

I purchased a 3 over 3 month subscription. I didn't receive anything in December and then in January received a very small box with just a few items in it. The card said it was for both December and January because they had been away and couldn't ship before this. I did purchase the mini box, so I'm not expecting a lot, but the box I received might have been okay for one month, but not two.
In addition, I have not yet received the February (and my last) box. Customer service is important to me and this company is NOT great at customer service.

CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ said...Aug 03, 2022

Hi L,
I am so sad to hear you didn't receive a sufficient box. The mini kits usually contain 3 or 4 items each so you should have received more, unless an item was over a certain price point ($50+), then you'd get less to match out the cost of the box. If that makes sense? Can you let me know what you received and your feedback on the products so I can fix this?
And, You are right our customer service sucks because I don't have a team anymore so I take full responsibility for that. I would be happy to send you another box for the mishap. I hope I can make it right!
Cassandra McClure
Founder (and everything else)

Great clean box

Dec 11, 2021
Verified Purchase
Coco H.
1 Review
Subscribed for 1 month

The Clean Beauty Kit is a great box to get if your interested in clean beauty. I loved everything in it so much! I loved the variety of products it had such as skin, hair, and beauty products. I also loved it had products names I've never heard of as I love to learn about new brands. I would totally recommend getting this box.

Awesome intro to clean beauty & brands

Dec 02, 2021
Lisette T.
1 Review

I absolutely love this kit. This was a great way to start my clean beauty journey. I love that it has everything from makeup, skincare and hair to even snacks and it supports small businesses. I highly recommend this kit and look forward to the next one I get!

No customer service

Jan 28, 2022
Verified Purchase
Celestina S.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

Can't get a hold of anyone. My card has been charged twice and I haven't received anything. I've sent several messages to the seller and got zero response. Having a hard time canceling subscription. I want it canceled today. I want a refund as well.

CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ said...Feb 17, 2022

Hi Celestina,
We left a note in your box that we combined the last two box orders since you mistakenly signed up for an ambassador box, and you are not an ambassador in the Clean Beauty Kit program.
You can order a regular mini or full size kit to receive a shipment each month. If you'd like to apply to our ambassador program, let us know and we can send you the form to apply.
Thanks and have a wonderful day,

Trustworthy box with full sized items!

Jun 23, 2021
Gabriela G.
1 Review

The only kit you can find professionally curated and CLEAN beauty products. Cassandra is a top authority on all things clean beauty so when you get one of these boxes you know you won’t be hoodwinked! And when there was a small shipping issue with a product leak she was able to set up contact with that brand to have a fresh one sent over right away!

CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ said...Aug 05, 2021

Hey Gabriela,
I appreciate the transparency and love that you are into your boxes!
Thanks so much,
Cassandra McClure


May 25, 2021
Kavia G.
1 Review

This is the best beauty box I’ve received! Each item is packaged cute and the overall aesthetic is pleasing! Great job! Thank you so much and I look forward to each box of surprises!

CLEAN BEAUTY KIT™ said...Oct 26, 2021

Thank you for your kind review!

Photos from reviews of The ORIGINAL Clean Beauty Kit™ XL

Past boxes from The ORIGINAL Clean Beauty Kit™ XL

July Clean Beauty Kit

July Clean Beauty Kit

Our pre-launch summer KIT features several black woman owned brands, a face mask to protect from COVID-19, a refreshing face mist, lip balm, liner, lipstick and lipgloss. Body soufflé, oil and Petal sparking beverage in Lychee rose to name a few! Products are valued at over $250

August Clean Beauty Kit

August Clean Beauty Kit

The curation for August has been done and we're so excited to bring you these amazing brands this month: Mizzi Koe Organic Kombucha Orpheus Body Care Ida Body Care Masami Fyve Zoha Lelu Pampered Soap Candles Nudo Skincare You can now shop these amazing products here, or grab yourself a Clean Beauty Kit Subscription.

February Clean Beauty Kit

February Clean Beauty Kit

Valued at $247 this box always features 100% women-owned products made in the USA including: DIY ‘Galentine’ Nails by Cassandra McClure KPS Essentials Probiotic Toner SprinJene Natural Toothpaste Chapters by Carissa Noelle one of a kind bracelet Kiss & Lips Matte Lipstick Crystals Of The Cosmos Heart Crystals, Pickles Potions Natural Fabric Freshener & LaMonique Cosmetics Lipstick and Lash Binder Eucalyptus Bundle. LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE! About the Kits:

January Clean Beauty Kit

January Clean Beauty Kit

Valued at $239 this box features 100% women-owned products, all made in the USA including a soft lip butter, hydrating night cream, essential oil blend, pup wax for your furry friend, a relaxing bath bomb, oil body mist, and a CBD-infused topical oil for aces and pains! BONUS pouch with a variety of real crystals to calm and soothe.  The Mini Mini is $29.99 and contains 4 randomly selected full-size products The Full size Kit contains all eight full-size products (pi

April Clean Beauty Kit

April Clean Beauty Kit

Happy Spring Box!

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Features women-owned brands made in the USA. Curated by celebrity makeup artist Cassandra McClure

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