Creation Crate
Introducing a subscription box that teaches you electronics, coding and high-level problem solving.

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Subscriber Reviews

4.8 of 5 stars
Unique and fun!
by Carmen written 4 days ago
I got a three month subscription for my boyfriend who studied computer science in University and has always been interested in hardware. He loved it and thought that this was a great idea and can't wait for the next creation!
Love it Thank you so much
by Richard written 14 days ago
This has been a great bonding tool with my son and I. But more importantly it has sparked his love of science and electronics and programming specifically. It has taken the controller out of his hands and put the control in his hands. The control of his future so thanks again
It’s pretty awesome
by Erica written last month
I got it for my younger sister, who’s an engineering major at her university. She thought it was pretty awesome and had a lot of fun putting it together. I would recondmend it no matter the age.
I'm Addicted!
by Allen written last month
I've been wanting to learn about electronics and coding and I couldn't be happier with my first project with Creation Crate! I'm 48 years old and this is an absolute joy but in all seriousness it's also the future. Talk about having fun!
Pretty good
by nickolas written last month
I did the first month project pretty quickly but I have a bit of experience with Arduino stuff. My only complaint is they're pretty light on the explanations. The code does an OK job of explaining things except the mathematically library calls. The circuit didn't really have much of an explanation to it though. Didn't really mention why you should use a resistor or explain why the direction of the LED placement in the circuit matters.
Good concept
by Kimberlee written 10 months ago
My nephew is 13 and always has his head in sega/Nintendo whatever. Wanted to give him another skill. It took all day with the help of his 21 yr old cousin, which was also a good thing. My only complaint is that there was no power source included and he wanted to use his new creation outside of just plugging into a computer. I went and bought what I thought was right- hope it doesn't blow up lol.
Fun, well designed, thoughtful product!
by Ashley written last year
We heard of this from a friend and subscribed as a gift for our elementary aged son who loves electronics and DIY projects. He was very excited to receive a surprise electronics project in a box and equally enthused after opening it! He was able to set up/troubleshoot on his own (outside of software download) and has enjoyed experimenting with it. There are variables to play with and exercises provided if one would like to play with modifying the program and hardware. This product is well designed, communicated, and a good value with helpful customer support. We're looking forward to the next one!