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Creation Crate Review
by Angel written 7 days ago
I got this as a Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend who’s a software engineer, and he loved it! He started putting it together immediately. Also, it shipped super fast after I ordered! Will definitely order again 🙂
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by Aida written 10 days ago
It was cool. But the package is super small for the price. But it has awesome things. Too bad I got to create a mood lamp, a small mood lamp. But my husband liked it. I think I would pay like $25 for the subscription because is small.
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Fun project for 11yo and his mom
by Courtney written 11 days ago
My son loves circuit boards and mood lamps, so this first Creation Crate was a hit with him! I took computer programming classes twenty years ago and enjoyed dipping my toes back in. The kit is a good way to start in that it shows you exactly what to do - including code to either type in, yourself, or cheat and just download it. There is a little room for improvement in readability (the font chosen for the printed code makes commas look like periods) and the wiring diagrams in the materials have occasional inconsistencies (where both layouts work, but it would be better to have only one presented in all images). We enjoyed this so much that I'm ordering a second subscription for my other child.
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Excellent box with some rough edges
by James written 19 days ago
I loved putting together my first arduino project, the mood lamp. It was a great introduction to the hardware and software, but it wasn't painless. I had issues configuring my Arduino Uno to be recognized on my system and there was no clear path to go for help. There seems to be no community forum where learners can collaborate, which would be a big help.
Great box, little rough on the edges
by James written 20 days ago
This is a great deal for the aspiring maker, especially as a light hobbiest. There's a bit of self-work needed to get going though. I had issues getting my system to recognize the Arduino provided which kept the guide from being helpful. I didn't realize I had a hardware configuration error until I had given up on the first build. I gave it a second try on day two and this time went off on my own to find a simple "blink the lights" tutorial first. In that guide I realized my hardware wasn't communicating to my computer and everything was a breeze from there. As others have mentioned, support is a little thin. I went to the website hoping to find a forum community of users who would be able to share their difficulties and successes, but no such forum exists. If you give up easily, you might want to pass on this one.
Terrible, inept technical support
by Connor written 22 days ago
No phone number to contact anyone and speak live so I opened a case via email. It was days before anyone responded, and when they did, they were so unclear I had to go back to them multiple times asking for clarification. Each time I did, I had to wait 4+ days for an answer, which was equally unclear. Finally, when I expressed frustration, they just up and cancelled my subscription because, I guess, they were incapable of solving the programming error. This should have been so much fun, instead it was miserable and frustrating. Not acceptable level of service for $95.
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Creation Crate said...
9 days ago
Hi Connor, I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience with our support. I've taken a look at the support transcript, and it looks like we requested the error log multiple times for the issue. Since you were not able to provide it, there is nothing our support could do to help. We also cancelled your subscription at your request. If this was not your intention, please reach out All the best, Creation Crate Team
Creation Crate!
by Anne written 28 days ago
My first Creation Crate came earlier this month, the directions and application of the project were very clear and straightforward. I am also so happy about the custom service of Creation Crate, as they provided a lot of clarity about payments when I first subscribed. I have always wanted to learn coding and building electronics. It is a great way to dive into that!!
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A sense of accomplishment
by Brianna written last month
My month one was exciting to complete. Playing with all the components was cool and the box is a wonderful starters set of pieces/tools. It does have some setbacks. I was following directions more than I was truly learning. I think the box could benefit from more explanation of programming terms and physical parts. Why am I doing this - why does this piece go here? A basic educational video might be a nice addition. Also, I could have used more options and explanations for the errors I kept running into. I also think I just misunderstood the outcome - I thought I would have a stand alone project to keep up in my room, but the lamp only works while connected to the computer. Still intrigued enough to get a second box.
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Intelligent and well-done
by Tina written last month
I am happy to have finally found a STEM kit for kids that doesn’t simplify the project for kids. Creation Crate gives clear directions that leave a little bit of room for the user to “figure it out” just enough. The programming isn’t pre typed or block based and you learn first-hand how to troubleshoot and problem solve. The review questions at the end are great for figuring out why the code works and how to change it.
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A Good Intro Activity to the Program
by Jay written last month
My son, age 12, and I enjoyed completing the first project in the Creation Crates curriculum. We found the contents of the box to be well packaged and organized, and the reference materials and instruction clear. We found as well that the additional supports available online were easy to access and helpful in modeling troubleshooting tasks, etc. Working together, we found we had a functional shaded mood lamp in about 45 minutes, with the physical assembly equaling about half that time and the programming taking the other. This was a very fun project with minimal frustration and we eagerly await our second box in February!
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