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4.1 of 5 stars
by Bryan written 7 days ago
Creation Crate did a great job of explaining how the mood lamp worked. I'm excited to see what comes next!
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Not Bad
by Maggie written Jul 12, 2018
The mood lamp was very interesting to make. Would be nice to have a creation crate geared towards robotics too!
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so cool
by tacy written Jul 03, 2018
the creation crate lamp was amazing
Great with Few Problems
by Jennifer written Jun 17, 2018
The Creation Crate was very fun and makes software and hardware developing easier and more fun. A minor problem is that it is not explained how JavaScript or how Arduino boards worked, which made the Finish the Code activities much harder.
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by Jade written Jun 11, 2018
I just finished my first project and I really loved this product. It was full of challenges and it taught me lots of cool new things. I think this is a great option for kids who are interested in tech. I can't wait for my project! -Jade, 11 yrs old
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Mood Lamp
by Alan written Jun 09, 2018
Got our Mood Lamp Kit to start our subscription. It was really fun working on this with my eight-year-old. I helped with some of the cutting of the box, and he pretty much wired it up himself. I had to fiddle with some connections and bend the LEDs just right to make them fit under the lampshade, but that's normal when you're building stuff. I let him type in the important parts of the code, and then I went back and added the comments and indenting to make it more readable and fix some of the typos/errors. Worked right away, which wasn't great, since it wasn't dark, but that's why you tweak the code. Upped the ambient light value, and it turned on and off as expected. I may fiddle with the code a little more to see if I can get a more gradual and noticeable fade effect. Can not wait for next month!
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Creation Crate Promice
by James written Jun 09, 2018
So far have delivered on their promise, coding needs some refining around the edges
In the Mood
by Brandon written Jun 02, 2018
Worked pretty well overall. Pins don't go in to breadboard as firmly as I'd like. Pretty happy with it. Arduino took a while to recognize our port as an option.
Not Kid Friendly
by Jeremy written May 19, 2018
I do not think these reviews are real. I am a 3rd grade teacher and can honestly tell you that this was not written for children. The instructions are soooooo small and impossible to read. You also will need a computer to complete these projects, and will have to download 2 different programs if you have a MAC. The instructions are so impossible to follow, and some of the diagrams are as big as my thumb. I get that the seller probably wanted to save money on printing costs, but it is a big fail. It seems like the instructions were written by an engineer and not by an educator. I would not waste my money on this product. I ordered 3 months of creation crate and 3 months of Tinker Crate for my son's christmas present. Tinker Crate was amazing. The instructions were easy to follow, my children could do it with little help from me (which is the whole point right?) and it had many extra activities they could do. I would purchase Tinker Crate instead.
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Creation Crate said...
May 25, 2018
Hi Jeremy, I'm sorry you had such a poor experience with the product. Creation Crate is intended for ages 12+, it is not actually supposed to be kid-friendly. As for the instructions, you can download a PDF version of it on the support page for your project and enlarge it. If you have any other issues, feel free to reach out to! Best, The Creation Crate Team
A Sure Hit
by Danielle written May 17, 2018
Creation Crate just came in the mail and we are super excited to get started... it is everything we expected and more. Thank you for putting together such a great product.
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