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Not Kid Friendly
by Jeremy written today
I do not think these reviews are real. I am a 3rd grade teacher and can honestly tell you that this was not written for children. The instructions are soooooo small and impossible to read. You also will need a computer to complete these projects, and will have to download 2 different programs if you have a MAC. The instructions are so impossible to follow, and some of the diagrams are as big as my thumb. I get that the seller probably wanted to save money on printing costs, but it is a big fail. It seems like the instructions were written by an engineer and not by an educator. I would not waste my money on this product. I ordered 3 months of creation crate and 3 months of Tinker Crate for my son's christmas present. Tinker Crate was amazing. The instructions were easy to follow, my children could do it with little help from me (which is the whole point right?) and it had many extra activities they could do. I would purchase Tinker Crate instead.
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A Sure Hit
by Danielle written 2 days ago
Creation Crate just came in the mail and we are super excited to get started... it is everything we expected and more. Thank you for putting together such a great product.
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Can't cancel my subscription
by Carmen written Apr 25, 2018
Currently unable to cancel my subscription. I've contacted twice with no reply. Wish I'd get a response before you guys charge me for another box
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Creation Crate said...
Apr 26, 2018
Hi Carmen, I'm sorry you had trouble cancelling your subscription. I just cancelled it for you. In the future, you can make any changes to your account by logging in at We also have support available at Best, The Creation Crate Team
by Aaron written Apr 25, 2018
This product gave me an amazing introduction to the world of coding/ electronics. 10/10.
Kiddo loved the crate
by Anna written Apr 16, 2018
The gift recipient loved the crate; he is 11 years old, so the skill level required was appropriate for his age group. My only quibble is no matter how hard I tried to avoid auto-renewal, the subscription auto-renewed anyway. This is likely more of an issue with the Cratejoy interface than this particular crate, but the star deduction is for the inconvenience of having to take time to get my money back when the subscription automatically renewed against my wishes.
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Awesome Crate!
by Kenneth written Apr 01, 2018
My 8 year old son who is in 3rd grade asked me if he can play with circuits, he has been watching many uTube videos and find circuits fascinating! I searched online and found Creation Crate. We received the 1st month Moon Lamp and really enjoyed it! We made several mistakes with the wiring, even though the instruction were very clear and had to play around with uploading the software and it took a few tries. I like that the project is very real not some overly simplified kit, my son had to learn from his mistakes and stay focus, it taught him about problem solve through the project. He really enjoyed it and took the initiative in writing a review but so far his review has not been posted, so I decided to write another review. Overall, we are very happy with the product, it is high quality, a kid can learn in depth knowledge and lots of fun!
by Kenneth written Mar 29, 2018
So I was interested in circuits and technology and my mom thought it would be great if she subscribed Creation Crate to me and when she did she asked if I would like a package every month and so when I got it I was a little nervous to assemble it and the next day I got used to it and started to assemble more of it and when I was done with the hardware there were some mistakes and I fixed it so I moved on to the programming and when we tried uploading there were a lot of errors and we finally fixed it and so we tested it out to see if it works but there were still some more hardware mistakes and my Mom helped me with it so we worked on it together and thought we got it right and when we tested it out it still didn't work but my Mom checked the hardware and fixed and it worked! Also when my Mom subscribed it I was excited and I got it done and we enjoyed assembling the Creation Crate Mood Lamp and I hope more of these Creation Crates come earlier than usual and I hope it comes soon! P.S. i'm a 3rd grader and I loved it!
Great Intro Project
by Stuart written Mar 28, 2018
I bought my 12 y/o daughter the first month of the subscription because she is always curious about my projects. She sat down and even though the code was long, she copied every line down correctly. Improvements could be: Smaller Breadboard/ Larger Lamp, or a circuitboard to solder to once you've gotten the whole thing running, because the lamp is tiny and it just sits on the huge breadboard. To the lady above with the 1 star review: I understand this is frustrating but its not a plug and play toy. Its very exact: Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes. If you miss one line, or you mis align the holes in the breadboard, it won't work right. This is supposed to be a challenge, but I am sorry your grandson got so disheartened. I can understand how hard it can be.
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Be VERY careful
by Katherine written Mar 20, 2018
Products arrived as stated. The first, mood lamp, refused to work no matter how dark the room or how many times the wiring diagram was checked. The second stated that the programming was successful, then said that we had to go online to troubleshoot. My son was so disgusted with the whole process at this point that he gave up. Products should work the first time, every time, without having to jump through hoop after hoop. Nice idea, will never purchase again, regrettably, I purchased my granddaughter a subscription so will have to endure more 'projects' that are a nightmare to get to work.
Verified Purchase
by Piguy written Mar 20, 2018
I am a seventh grader who really likes building and coding. Previously, I was getting another crate like this, but it was getting sort of easy. I was looking around for an alternative when I stumbled across Creation Crate. I asked my grandma, who was paying for the other crate for my birthday, to switch it over to this. I just got my first Creation Crate and it was amazing. Before, with the other crate, I wasn't challenged much, but with this one, I had lots of fun figuring out what each line of code actually did. I had a problem with the wrong port, but the instruction booklet told me how to troubleshoot this. This is by far better than any other crate kit I have ever experienced.
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