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Escape the Crate
An "escape the room" game in your own living room!

Plans as low as $26.50 / 1 box every 2 months

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Very challenging but lots of fun

by Hans H., Mar 15, 2019

Really fun for a group. Tough to do in time allotted unless everyone is really on their game. Clues aren’t easy but everything is there if you know where to look. Great for mystery buffs and puzzle enthusiasts

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Lots of fun for the whole family!

by Rory W., Mar 15, 2019

We received this crate as a gift and our whole family enjoyed it. Our kids are 10 and 12 and were able to contribute to the puzzle solving all along. We did wonder if we missed an aspect of instruction at a few points as there was reference made to clues and information we did not have. The puzzles were quite tricky but overall we really enjoyed the game and would recommend it.

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by Jeri S., Jan 02, 2019

This box was a lot of fun. The clues were fun and getting help was really easy when stuck. The only thing I didn’t like was the quality of the clues. Most items were just printed out on plain paper and it looked like the printer was almost out of ink. But the story made up for the lack of quality in the paperwork.

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Address change

by Carmen P., Aug 16, 2018

How do I change my address?? I've needed to do it for a while now

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Escape the Crate said...
Sep 03, 2018
Hello! Thanks for letting us know about the address change. We have tried to contact you via your email on record, but haven't heard back. You can email us at escapethecrategame@gmail.com or login to your Cratejoy account at the top right corner of the Cratejoy website to change your address at any time.

by Beth M., Mar 18, 2018

We just finished our first Escape the Crate box (the heist of Bonnie and Clyde) and it was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with family. One star off for the final puzzle which WAS frustrating and didn't make complete sense even after reading all the clues on the replay. Still, we're looking forward to the next box!

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Fun Valentine's Day Gift

by Anna W., Feb 15, 2018

I bought Escape the Crate for my husband for Valentine's Day. We got the Bonnie and Clyde heist box. I thought it was really well done and worth the price of the box. There were many puzzles and "locations" (envelopes) to open and I liked how it was integrated with the website. We played for over two hours! The puzzles ranged in difficulty. Some we figured out quickly, for others we had to use the clues. My only complaint is that we found the last puzzle too difficult. Even when we replayed it and got the clues we still could not figure it all out, so that was pretty frustrating. Also we considered playing this with our kids, and I was very glad we did not try to play with them as it would have been much too difficult. I will definitely consider ordering another box for another occasion.

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Definitely worth it

by Stacey M., Nov 13, 2017

Just finished my first crate with friends. We had a lot of fun and were impressed by the puzzles. The reason for 4 stars is that a bit of the ambiance was lost by having envelope after envelope to solve and not real locks or physical pieces required to solve anything. But for the price, this was well worth the money. Will recommend it to others (and maybe modify it for friends to do to lessen the room for critique outlined above.)

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