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A mind-body wellness subscription for a clean and beautiful life.

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Actually what they say
by Nicole written 5 months ago
This box is absolutely amazing and truly lives up to their promises. Each product has real organic ingredients that I can actually read, versus some other "organic" subscriptions I've tried. The boxes pay attention to a certain theme while explaining be products. This really give my self care rituals structure, and intention, as well as appreciation of the origins instead of just rubbing random products on my face. They aim to help you feel fabulous, and girl, I do. Thank you. 😜💓🎊 Can't wait for next months box!
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So nice!!
by Sharon written 5 months ago
I love this box. I'm hooked! My first box was perfectly curated, the items are useful and indulgent! What a treat!
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Awesome monthly box
by Sherrie written 6 months ago
I love that all the products are natural and the snack is delicious and healthy. Arrives in a very pretty box that I can re-use for birthday's and Christmas gifts. This is a quality box
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I love it ❤
by Mander written 6 months ago
I was so excited to see it in my mailbox today. Love everything! Can't wait for next month!
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All I Can Say is OMG!!!
by Cathy written 6 months ago
When I first saw the size of the box, I thought I'd be disappointed, but nothing could be farther from the truth! I have no idea how you got all that in that little box, but if this box (my 1st) is any indication of future boxes, then I will be a subscriber forever! I haven't tried any products yet, but the curation & quality are the best - even a yummy treat & fun tattoos (although they are all "treats" to me...I loved the assortment & that you included a body scrub & yoga towel. Your product page was perfect listing product name, manufacturer, price & product details - great sizes & intro to new products! Thanks!
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In Love with Feeling Fab!
by Gregory written 7 months ago
My wife (who I got this box as a present for) is in love with this gorgeous little box. Curation is very thoughtful: best mix of lifestyle, beauty and yoga-inspired goodies. All of the things that she so enjoys! I think it's priced well too. I got to taste an amazing chocolaty energy treat that was included in her box. All products are natural, non-GMO, safe to use and mostly all are organic, which is awesome. Feet Wipes are amazing! I never seen anything like this before. Both of us will use it after our yoga class... Also we love all natural and coral-reef safe sunscreen butter. Love this box and will recommend it to everyone!
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wonderful wellness box
by Sherrie written 7 months ago
I love this box, the lavender sachets smell very nice. Waiting to try the fresh feet wipes, and the sunscreen butter. Planning on using the face mask tonight, this is a wonderful subscription box
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Love this box
by Karla written last year
Hi, just got my first box and was very surprised at the lovely products inside. wonderful selection of wellness products and even included a snack, thank you. I also wanted to point out that the Customer service with this company is one of the best that I have contacted in a long time. Very fast, friendly, helpful and curtious. Thank you so much! Love the box
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Thank Feeling Fab Box!
by Boris written last year
I’ve received my Subscription Box second time and was surprised. In the box, there is nicely selected combination of beauty and wellness products, starting with snacks, different kind of creams, bath aromatherapy products and more. I’m enjoying this subscription very much and is wondering what combination will I receive next time. Thank Feeling Fab Box!
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The best combination of Love and Care
by Irina written last year
Love, love, love Feeling Fab Box. What a great way to stay up to date with latest clean wellness and beauty products. And the packaging is gorgeous! My favorite product from the December "I Am Immune" box was ultimately the Ginger tea. This is just perfect for both sore throat and upset stomach. Love beauty products from this box! Can't wait for the next month!
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