Get Ready 4 Kindergarten

Help your preschooler Get Ready for Kindergarten! Learn together while having fun as a family!!

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A Preschool Box full of high quality family time!
GR4K's Kindercarton has a new theme each month and is jam-packed with hands-on learning materials to give preschool families hours of high quality fun and engagement without screen time! Each box includes: books to read, words to learn, games to play, recipes to try, crafts to make, adventures to take, ideas to think about! Designed by teachers!
  • Each box contains: 2 books, craft kits, recipes, math-language-science activities, picture word cards, games, and more, plus a detailed parent guide!
  • Developed by early childhood educators who are also grandmothers, this monthly box is full of hands-on learning activities that your whole family can do TOGETHER!
  • Children learn best when they can connect new ideas to something they already know; each month's box is based on a theme to make those connections automatic.
  • Award winning curriculum helps parents get children ready for kindergarten with the whole family learning together!
  • Additional resources available each month ONLY to subscription box families.



Q: Is the box posted to Hong Kong? I hope that my child can enjoy your boxAsked by Kmhuen, August 2019

We can mail the box anywhere, but the shipping and handling charges would be included in the cost for you. Our boxes typically weigh 2 pounds or more as they are quite full; best estimate on shipping is $35./box to Hong Kong. Perhaps you would be interested in receiving our free newsletter first? please email me at: if you would like to discuss options. Thank you for your interest.

by Karen M., October 2019

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A must have!

Jul 05, 2019
Kristen C.
3 Reviews
Subscribed for 1 month

I am the mother of 2 sons (age 3 and 5) and have tried several subscriptions boxes. This one rises and differentiates itself above the others! Through thematic learning, this box includes a book, corresponding monthly vocabulary cards, craft activities and all necessary supplies, fun kid-friendly recipe ideas, as well as outing ideas (to name a few of the many components of this subscription). Each box comes with a “playbook” for parents to help guide them through the activities and suggestions to enhance the topic of the month.
This kit facilitates learning opportunities for children as young as 2/3 and well into the early elementary age in a fun and engaging way. It also creates opportunities for caregivers to connect with their children without having to research, shop and prepare the materials.
This box is a must for any caregiver looking to enhance their child’s learning outside of the classroom while having an incredibly fun time doing it!

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