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Experience the JOY of learning with your child!

Each Kindercarton includes: a Complete Parent Guide, word cards to build vocabulary, a carefully curated children’s book, games, dramatic play ideas to build language and practice social skills, Math and Language preschool (standard-based) curriculum, plus crafts & recipes to extend the monthly theme! Everything you need is in the box!
  • Being able to communicate with confidence is essential to your child's success in Kindergarten. Children who aren't ready struggle: to learn, to make friends, to feel safe, and to share their day with their parents. Monthly Kindercartons focus on building your child's confidence.
  • Our year-long curriculum is based on state guidelines for Early Learning and GR4K's 5 Building Blocks of Early Learning: Talk, Read, Play, Think, and Do. This approach presents learning in a language-rich, hands-on, experience-based way that helps young children thrive.
  • Each month is built around a new theme to help young children connect with their new knowledge. All of the vocabulary, books, crafts, recipes, games, dramatic play ideas, science work, and enrichment ideas are based on the Science or Social Studies theme for the month.
  • Year long math and language curriculum guides parents through all the skills necessary for success in kindergarten. Perfect for homeschooling your 3 and 4 year olds.
  • Private Parent Facebook Group adds more ideas, more activities, more support, and more community!

Customer Questions (7)


Q: Is the box progressive (one box A and then the next B, etc.) or does each box include everything for a complete learning experience each time?Asked by Sarah C., July 2022

We used the boxes as part of our preschool homeschool curriculum for a year and each box included a complete learning experience. You don't have to go in a certain order.

by Dana B., July 2022


Q: Hello. Will this box be challenging enough for a 5 year old? ThanksAsked by Mary V., February 2021

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten answered...February 2021

Our Kindercartons are used by parents with their older children as well as preschoolers. The books included each month are books your child will use in kinder and in first grade. The crafts are appropriate as well. The difference comes with the academic standards. We use preschool expectations and you would want to adjust for the kindergarten standards your state uses. You could supplement the language building and theme focus with more advanced expectations. If you decide to try out our box, I’ll be happy to show you how to find the aligned standards for your child’s grade level. Thank you for checking us out.


Q: I would love this box for my twins, my question is would i need to get 2 boxes? Or is there an option for 2 children and id just get extra crafts or whatever i need 2 of for that month?Asked by Karla L., February 2021

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten answered...February 2021

Yes. We offer boxes for 2,3, or 4 children. It includes whatever materials you would need for more children. Thank you for asking.


Q: Is the box posted to Hong Kong? I hope that my child can enjoy your boxAsked by Kmhuen, August 2019

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten answered...November 2020

So far we have shipped to Canada and England. Cratejoy has always adjusted the shipping charges for us and they've always been right on point. We'd be happy to ship to Hong Kong, it would be up to you to decide if the shipping costs were acceptable.

We can mail the box anywhere, but the shipping and handling charges would be included in the cost for you. Our boxes typically weigh 2 pounds or more as they are quite full; best estimate on shipping is $35./box to Hong Kong. Perhaps you would be interested in receiving our free newsletter first? please email me using the Contact Seller button on our listing if you would like to discuss options. Thank you for your interest.

by Karen M., October 2019

Reviews (8)


Sep 04, 2022
Verified Purchase
Jackie G.
1 Review
Subscribed for 13 days

Placed an order for my granddaughters 5 th bday August 17th and add as of Sept 4th it still has not shipped! Very disappointed and you can’t even contact anyone at cratejoy. Sent an email and no response 😕

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten said...Sep 28, 2022

I'm very sorry you were expecting your Kindercarton to ship immediately. Our orders for the current month close out on the 10th, unless someone contacts us for a special arrangement. Orders received after the 10th of the month are placed for the following month. We ship boxes the last week of the previous month so September boxes shipped out the last week of August. I will check our policy on Cratejoy to see if this could be made more clear. Thank you for trying out our program.

Just what we needed!

Nov 15, 2021
Verified Purchase
Christine A.
1 Review
Subscribed for 4 months

This learning box is perfect! We love learning through play and it’s nice they provide guidance week by week (a win for mom!)


Dec 11, 2020
Krysta M.
1 Review

We absolutely LOVE this box. My three year old loves everything about this getready4kindergarten shipment from the day it arrives (mail just for him is very exciting), to figuring out each little activity, adding monthly words to his vocabulary ring, and every book we've gotten so far (4 months at this point) has been a hit. This is a parents dream- the kit comes with literally everything for each craft pre separated with easy instructions and ideas for play/learning to go along with each activity. I've forwarded this to every mom friend who will listen, I feel like my time is so much better spent with my son actually DOING the activity instead of all the legwork that goes into coordinating all the wonderful crafts and activities getready4kindergarten has sent us. THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this awesome box!

Like a teacher's assistant at home!

Oct 26, 2020
Verified Purchase
Lindsay C.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

This box has been so helpful to have for my 3.5 year old while I'm homeschooling my 1st grader. My daughter calls this box "her school" so she feels much more included at the table. As a parent this box helps me out immensely because all the crafts are individually packaged so I don't have to scramble to get together supplies while trying to teach my 1st grader, it's like having a teacher's assistant at home. The subscription also includes emails to give other ideas and supplements so you can really stretch the month out. If you need one less thing to stress about, this box will help!

Dana B

Oct 20, 2020
Verified Purchase
Dana B.
1 Review
Subscribed for 11 months

My son’s preschool was shutdown due to COVID-19. I decided to homeschool him and was so glad I found this subscription. We use it as part of his preschool curriculum. There is a theme each month that covers preschool reading, math, writing, science and art. The parent guide has many ideas and suggestions on how to work with your child. The art projects are so cute too. The only suggestion I would make is to add the recipes to the parent guide so it is all in one place. We enjoy this crate.

Huge hit

Oct 19, 2020
Verified Purchase
Sheila B.
1 Review
Subscribed for 6 months

This box has been a huge hit with my four-year-old, and very much helped me out as I try to work from home and manage a one-year-old! We've enjoyed both the books and crafts!

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten said...Oct 19, 2020

Thank you, Sheila! To thank you for your kind comments, we'll be sending you an additional book for our October box on Fire Safety: "A Day in the life of a Firefighter"! We hope you enjoy reading it with your child!

High-quality box with great materials

Aug 12, 2020
Verified Purchase
Mark W.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 9 months

High-quality box with great books. Excellent learning materials & curriculum & themes every month. Very organized and easy to do crafts, just as good as pre-k in a classroom.

A must have!

Jul 05, 2019
Verified Purchase
Kristen C.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 8 months

I am the mother of 2 sons (age 3 and 5) and have tried several subscriptions boxes. This one rises and differentiates itself above the others! Through thematic learning, this box includes a book, corresponding monthly vocabulary cards, craft activities and all necessary supplies, fun kid-friendly recipe ideas, as well as outing ideas (to name a few of the many components of this subscription). Each box comes with a “playbook” for parents to help guide them through the activities and suggestions to enhance the topic of the month.
This kit facilitates learning opportunities for children as young as 2/3 and well into the early elementary age in a fun and engaging way. It also creates opportunities for caregivers to connect with their children without having to research, shop and prepare the materials.
This box is a must for any caregiver looking to enhance their child’s learning outside of the classroom while having an incredibly fun time doing it!

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