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Family time delivered! Strengthening connections for happy, healthy families.

$39.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • SHIPPING NOTICE: FIRST box and ONE-TIME gifts ship next day! Monthly shipments are between the 8th and 10th of the month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
An Amazing Gift for a Loving Family
Unbox Family Time! Get a monthly parenting boost with this curated package. Supporting you in the early years of parenting. And we can't think of a better gift idea than a box bursting with LOVE. A box bringing the family together for a daily dose of CONNECTION. A box reminding our family of the POWERS that exist within them. Gather. Bond. Love.
  • 5-7 quality products in every box.
  • Research based parenting activity inspires the monthly theme (Examples: outdoor play, life skills, gratitude, traditions, etc.)
  • Curated by a mom and certified counselor & educator using evidence based research.
  • With each box purchased, we donate a book to a child in need.
  • Keep connected to a loved one by sending a monthly gift!
Subscriber Reviews
4.6 of 5 stars
by Tara written 3 months ago
Great items. Care is definitely put into the packaging. Customer Service is over the top fantastic also. I sent a msg after 6pm Saturday night with a renewal question and thanking them for the awesome box. I received a reply within 30 minutes.
Verified Purchase
Best Family Box
by Jamie written 3 months ago
We love our Growing Roots Subscription! I have had so much fun opening each box with the kids. I especially loved the Thankfulness box that contained so many different ways to encourage gratitude and giving in our lives. Thanks so much for this awesome subscription! My kids get so excited when they see a new one on our doorstep!
First and Last box
by Briana written 3 months ago
Was really excited to receive this after reading reviews and seeing past boxes and then I opened my first box. Disappointing to say the least, and really not worth the price. Everything I received maybe added up to 20$. On to the next one...
Verified Purchase
GrowingRoots said...
3 months ago
Briana, Sorry that you were disappointed in the Growing Roots Box. Our subscription box is more than a box of products delivered to parent’s door each month, it is a gift that empowers parents and caregivers to support and nurture their child’s emotional well-being as well as their own. Each box is carefully curated around a connection or bonding theme, whether it is a tradition or a holiday or a developmental milestone. Each box includes a research-based idea or strategy, supported by products that enable the parents to put the strategy into action. We believe that Growing Roots is an opportunity to create connections and a tool for building happy, healthy families.
 I’m a mother of two, a teacher and certified high school counselor for over a decade. My experiences with children and parents has taught me that strong family bonds are essential to children becoming independent and capable adults. It’s the bonds that we have with our family that provide us with the confidence to stand on our own. That’s why I created the Growing Roots box, a monthly subscription box dedicated to establishing and nurturing a family’s social and emotional development. Lastly, we strive to source our products from small shops at fair prices and donate a book to a child with every purchase. In addition, we stay connected to our community of families by providing advice and ideas through social media. Sorry, that the Growing Roots Box was not the right fit for you. Hope you do find a box that is perfect for you and your family.
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