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HappyGal Monthly

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Choose from 7 different package options/sizes and then take a survey to customize it to fit you!

$9.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • We ship out Monday-Wednesday of every week. Your first package will be sent within 2 weeks of placing your order. For every other package, you choose which week is best for you to receive your box each month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime

Choose from 7 different package options/sizes and then take a survey to customize it to fit you!

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Making that time of the month a little happier
Ever been caught off guard by that time of the month? Now you don't have to take that embarrassing trip to the nearest store. Even better, we give you something to look forward to every month. From just the basics to sweet treats and pampering gifts, we have a box for everybody. Explore our packages and find the one that best fits you!
  • Choose from several different packages to find the one that is right for you!
  • Your box is customized to fit your preferences. You choose your favorite brands and how many of each product to receive. Any part of your box can be adjusted at any time!
  • The HappyBox Original, Lite, and Deluxe packages all come with your choice of monthly feminine supplies, sweet treats, and beauty gifts each month!
  • Choose one of the Basic Essentials packages to get just your monthly feminine supplies delivered without all of the extras.

Subscriber Reviews

Um orders mix up?

by Megan, Aug 02, 2018

I did order this box and I did get the box I ordered but somehow it had the information from another box I gifted someone but of a different crate. I had bought the cigar box crate for my father for his birthday and this came to the door with his name on it even though if my default settings had it to me. I checked my receipt and everything so im not sure how the mix up happened.

Verified Purchase

by Erin, Jun 17, 2018

I just received my first box, and I'm so happy! I loved that I could choose the products that I wanted, and even that I could specify what kind of snacks I like. The products arrived in adorable packaging, and the snacks I received were of a great variety, and ones that I really like! I'm so, so glad I subscribed!

Verified Purchase

by Carlee, Jun 11, 2018

Did not send all that was supposed to be in my box!

Verified Purchase
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