Happy Higher Club

Bring happiness to work! An interactive monthly box so fun you’ll never want to leave it at home!

You can fight these feelings of workday woes by having a positive working environment, so bring the weekend glow to your desk when Happy Higher Club is released! Read more
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Product Overview
  • Your box will ship on the 15th of every month. Please order by the 14th of the month to get the current box.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
"A box for a happier, more inspired you -- at work!"
Start your journey to more smiles & joy at work!
Go ahead. Indulge in happy! We're a box full of totally awesome experiences scientifically proven to bring you happier moments at work. Each month, you'll receive 6-12 items paired with soul-immersive activities and mindfulness exercises to directly foster self-confidence, meaningful relationships with colleagues, and an overall happier you!
  • Boost excitement at work so you can tackle your goals and problem-solve all day long
  • Find your new work bestie and challenge them to crazy fun games and activities
  • Take effective breaks and relax with soothing massage tips and monthly guided meditations
  • Achieve personal growth so you can elevate your career to the next level
  • Now offering free shipping on all plans with coupon code! Pause or cancel at any time. 100% hassle free!
Subscriber Reviews
5.0 of 5 stars
End box is even better
by Melissa written 2 months ago
I reviewed box one last month but I wanted to say box two is even better. This is the firest subscription box where two months in a row, I like everything in the box. Thank you creators for maintaining a fun and creative box for me and my desk to enjoy.
All the things I always wanted :)
by Jennifer written 2 months ago
When I saw this box description, I knew I had to try it out! I really love the concept and I am a boxaholic! I've tried so many boxes over the last couple years and I love taking them into work and letting my peers and staff try the things out. With this box, it's geared specifically towards that exact thing. I thought the first box was awesome! The little nano builds are cool, interesting, and fun to put together. The items included are things that I've seen in stores and online, and have always wanted to buy, but could never justify the expense. For example, I've admired the 'Manatea' tea infuser for two years at Target. I loved getting it inside my box :) It's become a real favorite. The thing that was my absolute favorite was the puzzle that we got to color and decorate however we wished, and mail it to whoever we wanted. It even came with prepaid postage. I got the second box as well and it included a couple scented items. I loved the roller-ball vial with a flower in it for stress relief - it smells sooooo good! There was a peppermint hand scrub and a very nice hand lotion as well. The lotion was nice, but I'm not a fan of the scrub. The sayings and pictures are great, and a nice reminder to stay positive in an ever changing and somewhat negative world. I wasn't a fan of the food choices, and while I did try them, and was glad to have a chance to try something new, I wouldn't buy any of them on my own. Overall, this box was a huge hit and I definitely recommend it.
The new-age stress reliever!!
by David written 3 months ago
I've been feeling extremely stressed out at work recently (colleagues too) but this box has helped us TREMENDOUSLY the past 2 weeks. We've completed all the fun activities, devoured all the snacks, hung up all the inspirational quotes, and are sooooo excited to receive September's box!! I've never felt more integrated into my workplace and closer to my coworkers. Thank you Happy Higher Club!
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