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Hawaii's Coffee Box- A Hawaiian Coffee Tour in a Box

A Hawaiian coffee club featuring a different coffee each month from the beautiful Hawaiian islands

Plans as low as $34.99 $33.00 / month
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Product Overview
  • We ship your freshly roasted beans at the end of every month. The last day to order for the current month's featured coffee is the 14th.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Hawai'i Coffee Box
Let us take you on a journey to a new Hawaiian coffee farm or roaster each month by delivering their best coffee and goodies to wherever you are. Discover new favorites with Hawaii's only coffee-of-the-month club.
  • 1 to 2 roasts per box
  • Including the islands of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu and Kauai
  • Box may include other Hawaiian product/s in addition to coffee

Subscriber Reviews

Hawaii in my cup.

by Lawrence, Oct 14, 2018

All I need now is palm trees and a steel guitar playing... Coffee is delicious as always!

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by Victoria, Sep 07, 2018

My hubby and I look forward to receiving our Hawai'i Coffee Box each month! It's always a wonderful surprise something different which is exciting and intoxicating!!! Especially the smell of these brewing in the morning.

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My own personal Coffee Shopper

by Stan, Aug 22, 2018

IMHO, one should view Hawai'i Coffee Box as your own personal Coffee Shopper whose purpose in life is to provide you with different flavor profiles to explore and enjoy. Pros: 1) I am very pleasantly surprised at the number of high quality coffee producers there are in Hawaii. 2) With each coffee producer either delivering product to their own high quality flavor profile or trying to find a unique niche, the consumer (i.e. "me") benefits from a wide range of tastes. 3) Then there are sometimes "surprises": a) sugar cane stir sticks, b) chocolate covered coffee beans - I am such a sucker for these things, c) "turmeric chips" - I never had these before, and d) coffee mugs - normally I would rather have more beans, but I received a mug that retained heat so well that I purchased 4 more. Cons: 1) Sometimes the flavor profile of the beans received are not to my personal liking (this is to be expected). 2) If you get a winner, you "only" get 8oz-16-oz: I WANT MORE!!!! ;-) 3) Wah, wah, wah (whining): during the summer months, I don't drink hot coffee so I do not personally value the shipments as much as I do during the cooler days. 4) I am concerned when the day comes when a coffee producer is repeated (after all, Hawaii is a series of islands and there are a finite number of coffee producers); however, each producer has several different blends, so getting a repeated product could take some time.

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