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Hey Rocco - Monthly Letters From a Special Pen Pal

A unique pen pal subscription that helps you build a special bond with a young loved one. Ages 3-9

$14.99+ CAD / month
Product Overview
  • We ship between the 1st and 4th of every month. FREE SHIPPING to the US and Canada!
  • Ships worldwide from Canada
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Monthly Letters From a Special Pen Pal!
Rocco is on a mission to explore the world and make new friends. You've told him about a particularly special child and he's excited to become their best pal. Rocco’s monthly letters include curious facts, valuable lessons and lots of fun from his latest adventure. Start a special tradition and build a bond with your favourite little one!
  • An ongoing story told through fun letters and you’re BOTH a part of it!
  • Build a lasting connection with a young loved one!
  • An illustrated picture in every letter!
  • FREE SHIPPING to the US and Canada!
  • Purchase our original box set including a plush Rocco and matching storybook on our direct website

Subscriber Reviews

Very disappointed

by Jenn, Jun 25, 2018

I purchased a 3 month subscription to Hey Rocco for my niece. The first month was great, she got a stuffed animal, a book and a letter. The next two months were just terrible and disappointing. The second month, she got a note, a postcard and a stamp to mail it with. Last month she got a note, a postcard and one tiny plastic dinosaur. That is an absurd waste of money. I have ordered several boxes from Cratejoy and I will continue to but I will never order another Hey Rocco box and I'll make sure that know one I know does either.

Verified Purchase
Hey Rocco - Monthly Letters From a Special Pen Pal said...
Jun 26, 2018
Hi Jenn, Thank you for the honest feedback. I really appreciate your candor and I am so, so sorry for the complete dissapointment that you and Chloe felt. It was in no way my intention to offer a sub-par subscription. We are actually running into this situation with a couple of other subscribers since our offering is different than most subscription boxes on Cratejoy and harder to explain. The way our subscription works is that the first month is a box set, but every following month is a letter adressed to the child from Rocco. The idea is to create a pen pal relationship between your little one and Rocco where they anticipate his letter every month. I obviously didn't make this clear on our listing, which is my mistake. To make a long story short, I don't think Cratejoy offers the funtionality we need to handle the pricing structure we'd like to offer. The last thing I want to do is disappoint our customers. I've also reached out to you privately to hopefully make things right.
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