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A care package for women's wellness, spirit + daily practice.

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  • Our care package cutoff date is the 24th and it ships out the 9th-13th of the following month. Subsequent shipments are also mailed the 9th-13th. Renewal charges take place on the 16th. Please note that care packages reserved after the cutoff date may take up to 6 weeks for first shipment...but it will be worth it and you'll love it!
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Sage Woman Care Package
Our mission is Better Woman + Better Earth. The Sage Woman Care Package is a monthly, seasonal wellness box with 5 to 7 goods for your spirit + body + daily practice. It's a monthly reminder to refill your own cup because there is so much pouring to do. Our online market also features wellness good for the pregnant + postpartum woman.
  • A monthly women's wellness box with 5 to 7 goods to nourish your body + spirit + daily practice.
  • Each month you'll receive 2 Honey & Sage Apothecary goods + 3-5 additional ceremony/beauty/wellness goods.
  • A Sage Woman meditation card is included to remind you of the importance of your holy wellness.
Subscriber Reviews
5.0 of 5 stars
Sage Women's Box January 2016 Review
by Kyra R written last year
Holistic healing items for a centered lifestyle. Loved my first box!
Full Review
An important aspect of life
by Tara written last year
I love my monthly box 📦 filled with self care delivered straight to my door. The tea especially is a favorite of mine! Thanks for the love Honey & Sage. And for helping me channel my worth and projecting that into my role as a Mommy, wifey and a woman in the world.
It's all about Love
by Brandi written last year
Self Love is a difficult concept to grasp when you're a Woman, especially a Mom. Honey and Sage makes it easy to remember that WE ARE WORTHY. Each box is curated with love. So much love is transferred from these care packages into my soul every month and it's everything I need to better serve my family <3
Holy Wellness, Ya'll
by Sarah written last year
Women, we pour out daily. We care for our children, our partners, our friends. So often, we forget to take care of ourselves, From the start, this company has been so beautifully curating its contents that are somehow always EXACTLY what I need in that moment to take care of ME. There's always a perfect personal touch, always something I never knew I couldn't live without. I am so very grateful for Nova and her magical ability to remind me every month to take time for myself. This box feeds my mindfulness, nurtures my spirituality, and grows my self awareness. )0(
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