Hunt A Killer

Curators of mysterious and unannounced deliveries, designed to conspire, bewilder, and enchant.

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We deliver serial killer tales to your doorstep.
Enter the mind of a serial killer while he taunts you from afar. Clues from a serial killer you can touch. Embark on a journey of deceit, betrayal, and rampage on continuing saga without ever leaving your home. New items delivered each month that tell a story for you to interpret - for you to solve.
  • Mystery
  • Murder
  • Serial killer
  • Game
  • Entertainment
Subscriber Reviews
4.5 of 5 stars
Lacking story, limited rewards, boring.
by David written 2 months ago
Ignore people who say there's an overarching story. What little 'story' there is is completely lacking. We made it to box six with very little reward. We found all the little details, participated in the forum, etc. You get a bit of a 'ohhh' every four boxes or so, which is $120 worth. Don't expect to be solving a giant mystery; the whole 'it's like Hannibal feeding you clues' thing is pretty inaccurate as well. You get some cool stuff, but they're completely lacking in any sort of mystery. You aren't presented with options of possible criminals, or given details of crimes and try to recreate things, or find a motive, etc. There's no 'hunting of a killer'. We tried really hard, paid over $180, all for very little. We tried REALLY hard to like HAK, but unless you're willing to pay $120 for a small 'aha' moment, it's just not worth it. You should also know that, since they just started up as a company, their QC is totally lacking. Needing to look up an inventory list for every box and request missing items (we had two boxes missing stuff), really pulls you out of the immersion. This is a problem commonly expressed on the forums.
Better Than You Even Think
by Shauna written 3 months ago
Wow. I just received my first Hunt a Killer box a few days ago. I expected to receive some vague clues with no real guidance which kept me on the subscription hook to find out how they fit together. Instead, I received a very immersive experience. I spend hours simply researching potential clues and leads. Then, I went on Facebook and joined 2 communities, one official, both of which have amazing ideas and areas of investigation of which I would never have even thought. And some of those things that I failed to think of were relevant clues. There is a surprising amount of work you can do from the first box. It is a very immersive experience. There has been a lot of effort put into creating a realistic community and backstory. Online investigation will be required, although not much beyond a Google search. Even with just 1 box and a few days under my belt, I would highly recommend this subscription.
So fun and engaging!
by Amanda written 4 months ago
I subscribed in January and have absolutely loved my experience with HaK. The thought that has been put into everything they do is just amazing. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to turn off the tv and put their thinking cap on.
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